Jonah Hill To Michael Bay You Call This A Script!-yvette yates

Arts-and-Entertainment Its not new stuff that Jonah Hill is supposed to play roles in up and .ing blockbusters Transformers 2 and as Shia LeBoufs sidekick in the next installment of Indiana Jones. A lot of write-ups and interviews of the confirmation were revealed to the face of the earth, even without the Superbad star reading the script first. Heres great news for you: Jonah hill is off the project, off Dreamworks ultimately. So why did the meat chunk star diss Michael Bay, one of the best sci-fi adventure directors in Hollywood? Heres why: Jonah hill read the script in Bays room, being all professional and kiss-assy and all that. To his surprise, the name of his character was named Jonah. Jonah, for the love of God. Of all the gazillion make-up names Michael Bay could ever think of, he names Jonah Hills character Jonah. I dont know, his creative juices might have been sucked-up by a four-year-old. After 21 pages of reading the script, he stormed-off the office and quit the deal. Then Hills reps called Micheal Bay faster than their boss can chomp down a BigMac and said hes off the project. Based on Jonah Hills portfolio, he has done some impressive .edic writing and acting. Hes been in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked-Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and is even contracted to pen the movie adaptation of 21 Jumpstreet. Yeah, all those movies are on a caliber galactically distant from Transformers, but if Jonah Hill can write some of the best .edy scripts, he sure can criticize a script of a cartoon hes been obsessed about since he was still a lil pudgy kid. But is the script collectively beef-witted that Jonah Hill would reject it? Or is it just some kind of childhood mockery that was revived when he saw his name as a sidekick? The real question is, wholl replace him on his abandoned roles? They would probably cast Michael Cera or that kid Chanco from Nacho Libre, hes probably old enough and jiggly enough to bounce off robots. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: