Keeping Yourself On Track For Success-doat

Success Most of us start our success journey on a part time basis. We already have a full time job and other .mitments but we want more out of life. How can you balance all your .mitments and still make sure that you stay on track for your success goals? If you are like most people then you have a lot of .petition for how you spend your time. You only have 24 hours in the day and all manner of things to do. Those things can be divided into "things you have to do" and "things you don’t have to do", unfortunately in most cases the things that are going to take you to success and free up your time are in the "don’t have to do" category. In your job or business you probably have to turn up sooner or later or you will stop earning money. When you are there you probably have someone ensuring that you get your various tasks done. This could be a boss, a partner, customers or someone else but most people have someone they are responsible to and deadlines that they have to meet. In your home life there are also things that you have to do and deadlines that you have to meet. Even in your social life you probably arrange to do things at certain times and are obligated to be there. Success, however, tends to be a personal thing. If you never do the things required to climb the ladder of success and enjoy the view from the top, then so be it. Most people don’t do it anyway, so why bother. You may start out with good intentions but with all the .petition from the "have to do’s" your success plans can easily grind to a halt. Fortunately there are two tactics that can be used to change this situation; the first one is a lot more drastic than the second. Many successful people use the "burn the boats" tactic. This name .es from the habit of invading .manders (Viking, Greek, and even Cortes when he invaded Mexico) who had their men burn all their boats when they arrived on the enemy’s shoreline so that they were only left with two options; win or die. Some of the greatest business men have done the same thing financially and put themselves in the position where they succeed in their business or perish. This is a drastic step and not everyone has the courage (or perhaps foolishness) to do this. Luckily there is a less drastic strategy that produces good results. The "responsibility strategy" is a good alternative to burning the boats. With this strategy you get someone else to be a person that you have to report to on a regular basis and account to for your success efforts. This someone could be another success oriented friend, where you each agree to be the person that the other reports to. It could be your power group (if you belong to one) where you make a .mitment to .plete certain success tasks before the next meeting and then you report your progress to the group. If you are really brave it could be your spouse, but that might be a variation of the burn the boats tactic. Whoever you choose to report to make it someone you respect and take it seriously. If you do this with enthusiasm then you have changed your success tasks from "don’t have to do’s" into "have to do’s" and your results will quickly reveal the benefits. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: