Lanling Princess TV series thirty-seventh, episode 38 Preview Qing lock was in limbo Wuxue Ya

"Lanling Princess" TV series thirty-seventh, episode 38 Preview: Qing lock was in limbo   Wuxue Yan Wan Zhuge Yuanshi disappeared – Fujian Channel – twenty-eighth set introduced unprovoked hijacked high Changgong Luo Yun Qing palace lock rushed Changan alone to see Yu Yu, Yu Yu prepared a good horse well clear help yourself to appreciate the appreciation of the lock, the lock Qing looked at the front of the horse and think of high Changgong mount cyclone. Yu Yu Qing promised to lock as long as she live, will help her find out the truth of the incident in Jiangling. The lock has been completely cleared up, she decided to start her own investigation, referrals to go to the history of Yu Yu Jiangling Bureau, examine relevant case records, Yu Yu readily promised, also to give her horse. The history of the Bureau, the Qing lock in the fragrant with the help of a reel to read the information, but she found by reading history books, records are on the battlefield, she remembered with completely different things, nothing to her history of land bureau know that the book asked the emperor to Jiangling. The said land, there is the matter, near Jiangling Baishui town that there is no military garrison, the emperor with people go there to kill all the people, but do not know what the reason, the excess land as well as refused to say, Qing lock repeatedly asked the Emperor Wen Lu said after the names of the people now in the office and then by the emperor by any official of the same, the other won’t say. In fact, the book said is that Golden Leopard retaining Yuwen asked him, this is also a good bureau retaining yuwen. Qing lock and fragrant left the history, the way is clear lock has been thinking about land works, now as long as the year of the emperor asked the office can, but about Whitewater records but still nothing, fragrant out accidentally discovered when they pick up the book in the history of the Bureau of the "whitewater" collection. Two people happy to back to the house, suddenly fragrant in the palace maids good friend Mei sister, sister Mei is the old man in the temple, right in the palace lock and she told not clear fragrant after nightfall, because there is a maid end ladies of the Qin Dynasty to wood Memorial beads, beads are easy to Duanmu the day is the construction of Palace of the Earth Ji Duanmu’s sister, the legend is easy to steal the key to the Palace of the Earth summer pearl town soul beads, Yi Zhu offspring in order to avoid the emperor hunt, retreated to the south, said that only the blood of Duanmu family In order to identify the true soul of the town bead, the palace of the people admire the courage to Zhuhai, pay homage to her in every year under the plum tree. Where the investigation finally have some progress, clearly happy to return to the palace lock dasikong with Yan Wan Yong Yuwen and eat together, Yan Wan loudly announced himself to the wedding in the days Yong Yuwen Yong Yuwen’s birthday seven days after the Qing lock on the news Bulibucai, against Yan Wan only in food yan Wan, haven’t finished her award under the dish. After dinner, tell a person to see the lock back from the Bureau of history books in the study, in the study of Qing Yong Yuwen, he argued in the lock and the emperor to Jiangling things, quarrel that the emperor in the Qing lock office is then after the slaughter of Otsuka, is the current emperor to Otsuka kill the retaining yuwen. Gao Changgong became increasingly fierce, worried that he ran to the wonderful Luo Yun no sound for the antidote,)相关的主题文章: