Le Jia book talk about egg broken life syndrome All is lost. users proposed title oembios.bin

Le Jia book talk about "egg broken life" syndrome "All is lost." title users proposed the original title: Le Jia will write a book to write the egg broken through to collect users to participate in the program title Le Jia hurt the key Le Jia micro-blog Sina entertainment news to the end of the year, Le Jia [micro-blog] in the recording of "the great challenge" fire special was accidentally injured, hurt the sensitive parts that news attracted a public concern. And has said in micro-blog, has written a book on men’s health encyclopedia. August 24th, Le Jia revealed through micro-blog, this book has been prepared to publish the book, and to solicit the title of users. In August 24th, Le Jia revealed to be written by micro-blog egg broken experience, said: "Hey, this book. I prepared for publication, the content includes three parts: the eggs broken after repair of the journey to defend + you can not know about those things. + egg broken people’s psychological and self reflection of human nature." And interact with users in writing, said: "you say, if it is you, the book in the end what name?" This micro-blog exposure, angered many netizens onlookers and "brainstorming", then "the advent of a wave of title". Then, on the same day, Le Jia once again forwarded and updated in response to users, micro-blog, wrote: "people everywhere go, comments netizen proposed" All is lost. ", while I was playing chicken eggs indeed, but has been in fact, should not be exaggerated." (I am MIHR) (: commissioning editor cravat) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: