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Learn more on behalf of repair well for the godly free people, far more than for doubt liberated man Vin Gamarupoche many times to learn Buddhism, does not mean that it can be repaired. The Chinese Tripitaka master, Tibetan Geshe, khen, are a lifetime of Buddhist studies, there are a lot of dying but not dead to complain incessantly. Some are a lifetime study of Buddhism, learn too much, had not had time to digest, life has come to an end. The cultural revolution before and after many monks were caught in prison. My master said, the so-called "monk" in the end be good, then at a glance. Some "monk" preaching to prison after class, not preaching, and not from anyone, made of pure wool scarf, a pumping line, put the clothes into screen to find the chopsticks made of wool, line, in this way through time. Even the famous monk, if not the practice applied to the heart, as the scholars can not digest the knowledge he gained, the real time, but at a loss. Some real monks, usually may be unknown to the public, but at this time, but it can be free to practice meditation, chanting. Feel really comfortable, no trouble, and no work, no need to go out, every day there are people on the Restroom in the next meal, can be very convenient, but the practice is good, it is so rare opportunity! To put it when they go out, many people are not happy, not so good "closed room", as the cell is the best practice environment. When a monk is very simple, a little higher knowledge, eloquence a little better, especially modern network developed, many media, information explosion, a celebrity is very simple. Some people even think whether it is a good, or bad, as long as the famous line. Visible, not necessarily monk monk, monks and monks must be ah. Buddhism must be digested, heard the Dharma, but also thinking; thinking, to practice; practice, to do, it is really repair. Wen Sixiu, it’s not that simple. Repair is good, he is doing well, not to listen to him well, because there are a lot of glib people ah. When I was twenty eight year old missionary in Taiwan, a professor of philosophy at NTU after listening to me after class, said to me: "karma Rinpoche, you believe it or not, I tell you about Buddhism is absolutely good." I said, "I certainly believe you am a professor, lecturing is definitely first-class. But you believe it or not, I’m sure I’m better than you. I just told you in the seat of the law to listen to, I do get part of the content you speak, can do it?" Then he thought, humbly said: "I believe you Xiudebi me." This sentence, but that he is not necessarily Xiudebi me. Buddhism is important, but practice is more important. Real practice, even if it does not understand so many theories do not matter. Those who have been freed by piety are far more than those who are freed from doubt.相关的主题文章: