Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan fall in love Patty Hou accidentally broke the news… mentalist

Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan fall in love? Patty Hou accidentally broke the news… Patty Hou and Lin Chiling are very good friends. According to Taiwan media news "cloud" reported that Patty Hou in the new 1 "temptation" dinner, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan exchanges indirectly confirmed the rumors are true, shocked by the outside world. In November 4th, she shows "every day", in fact, have revealed some clues between two people. Patty Hou in the new 1 "dinner" temptation "litotes" link, Jerry Yan and Lin Chiling had to have a relationship to the problem, "certainly not," replied that they interact indirectly confirmed the rumors are true. In fact, in her November 4th show "every day", when it comes to see good sisters are married, Lin Chiling also expressed concern, asked each other for what kind of boys on the spot, please moderator "would you call to ask Jerry Yan," make a scene in an uproar surprised. In addition, Patty Hou said that a lot of people think that female stars find a good object, but it is difficult to marry." Because of the small circle of friends, the actress has a lot of restrictions, so in fact, comparison will be particularly good after, to laugh at yourself almost marry." When Patty Hou answers the type of guy Lin Chiling is suitable for, think about it for a while, or you call and ask about Jerry Yan." In fact, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan met with the model during the period of 2002, was photographed with movie making accidental exposure of love, until 2005 the mobile phone repair, two close bathrobes are exposed, the rumor is more specific, the same year when the horse riding accident occurred, there was the pursuit of another a small toilet Qiu Shikai, two people become disconnected feelings fuse. After the break up, Lin Chiling had on the show, when talking about the other side can not help but suffused with tears red nose, temporarily unable to control emotions. Jerry Yan said he had asked Hou Wenyong to write a love letter, but it has not sent, the following year launch of the book "9314 men and boys", there is a saying, "I asked her to leave, because I really love her. If you really love a person, you should know, when people speculated that the heroine is Lin Chiling. Jerry Yan was also in this year Lin Chiling Edison Chan burst foul language, through a broker voice, that it should have some misunderstanding, "Zhi Ling is a very good filial person." In any case, the outside world is looking forward to finding each other’s life. Related news: Jerry Yan Lin Chiling: woman entangled 14 years no one more than I know his time: 2016 09 – 15 August to source: Phoenix Entertainment Lin Chiling, Jerry Yan according to Taiwan media reported on September 14th, Taiwan’s first supermodel Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan 14 years of emotional entanglements, the latest issue of the magazine broke the news, Lin Chiling appeared C surname however, the merchant pursuit, Zhi Ling sister heart always have a corner, to love Jerry Yan, the former lover is now back to "more than lianrenweiman relationship.". According to reports, "said Lin" close friends said, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan broke up for many years, always keep in touch, two people had deep love for each other is difficult to completely let go, Lin Chiling privately said: "no one knows Jerry Yan better than me..相关的主题文章: