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Loudi elderly absent daughter wedding cause help sick neighbors send medical original title: she helped people do their best, the newspaper Loudi news Deng Xian, 65 years old this year. In the pond town of Lianyuan City, she is a famous person, she love to help people, to help people to help, even a lot of people say she is "silly". 2001 the 20th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar was a big day for Deng Xian’s daughter Huang Qiong to marry. In the morning, Deng Xian said, "go out and come back.". But at noon, did not see the figure of Deng Xian, the daughter of the marriage ceremony has been delayed, finally, her daughter’s wedding had to be held in the absence of the mother. The village had some of the elderly, to know that her daughter married to celebrate, but it is difficult to come up with money to "human". She came to them one by one, and when she came to the mother’s home, she was groaning with pain and was constantly wallowing in bed. She asked about the situation, while helping the abdominal massage and cupping. Later, she saw the situation of the army mother did not get better, she took the army mother to go to the lotus town health center. After the diagnosis, the military mother suffering from acute appendicitis, the urgent need for surgery. In the game mother surgery without money, she took out for a son-in-law changed fees for medical expenses. In the first lunar month of 2007, around 11 in the morning, Deng Xian saw a baby girl "Wah Wah" crying in the hospital. She comforted the baby girl while asking about the situation, and found that the baby girl was abandoned just twenty-seven days after birth, and decided to adopt it back to her home for two days. Now the little girl is 9 years old, and she’s in grade four. In February 2004, Deng Xian is located in Futian village to an old man on crutches. She patiently asked, finally find out the old man named Xie body repair, home is in Futian village, married childless Changsha in life, his wife also died, the account has already moved out, the old man couldn’t find relatives, then returned to his home in the village around. Deng Xian and his son Huang Guoxiong discuss, the old man received home to live, and try to put her life settled. The legs are not flexible, they could put her living in the first floor of the cottage. It was 4 years for the old man to live in Deng Xian’s house. Deng Xian and her family take care of her as a relative. On 2007 the 24th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the old man died, and she took care of the funeral. (Xiaoxiang Morning correspondent Yuan Jiewei, reporter Fan code trainee Jiang Manjiao) video recommendation: [world parents] 6 ten days old adopted 515 children, was laughed fool

娄底老人缺席女儿婚礼 原因帮助生病邻居送医原标题:她帮人帮得尽心尽力 本报娄底讯 邓希安,今年65岁了。在涟源市荷塘镇,她是一个有名的好人,她爱帮人,帮人帮得尽心尽力,甚至很多人都说她很“傻”。2001年农历十二月二十日,是邓希安女儿黄琼结婚的大喜日子。上午,邓希安说出去一下就回来。可是,中午了,还没见邓希安的身影出现,女儿的结婚仪式已经一拖再拖,最终,女儿的婚礼不得不在母亲缺席的情况下举行。原来村里的一些孤寡老人,知道她女儿结婚想来庆贺,但又难以拿出“人情”钱来。她就一个一个上门请他们来,当她请到赛军妈家里时,赛军妈正被肚子痛折磨得呻吟不已,不断地在床上打滚。她一边询问情况,一边帮其按摩腹部、拔火罐等。后来她见赛军妈的情况没有好转,就背起赛军妈往荷塘镇卫生院走。经诊断,赛军妈患的是急性阑尾炎,急需动手术。赛军妈手术没有钱,她就掏出身上准备给女婿的改口费交了医疗费。农历2007年正月二十七上午11点左右,邓希安在卫生院看到一个刚出生的女婴“哇哇”大哭,她一边安慰女婴一边打听情况,得知女婴刚出生两天就被遗弃了,就决定将其领养回家。现在小女孩已9岁,读四年级了。2004年2月,邓希安所在的富田村来了一个拄着拐杖的老人。她耐心地询问,终于弄清了老人叫谢身修,娘家就是富田村的,出嫁后在长沙生活,无儿无女,老伴也过世了,户口也早已迁出去了,老人找不到亲属,于是回到老家在村口徘徊。邓希安便和儿子黄国雄商量,把老人接到家里住下,再想办法把她的生活安顿好。老人腿脚不灵活,他们娘俩就把她安排在一楼的平房里居住。谢身修老人在邓希安家里一住就是4年。邓希安和家人把她当亲人照料。2007年农历十二月二十四日,老人去世,她又将后事料理好。(潇湘晨报 通讯员袁杰伟记者范典实习生蒋曼娇)视频推荐: 【天下父母】6旬老人领养了515个孩子被人笑称傻子相关的主题文章: