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Luoyang face the sisters record television programs "mad" host Meng Fei Meng Fei and potatoes together, my sister is a little playfully little sisters on the stage show little sisters publicity photo – reporter Zhang Jiewen respondents for map core tip | remember the 4 year old will be able to face the 8 girl Wang Yuehan in 10 seconds (you the newspaper had reported in September 16, 2015)? Not long ago, and her 3 year old sister Wang Yihan formed the sisters face in presided over by Meng Fei, Kunling "fantastic" Children program recording. The program, two little sisters did not even have stage fright, host Meng Fei "throw" side, play up. My sister invited to perform, the results will play a sister before and after mid October, one of the Wang Yuehan sisters and Meng Fei’s "the great child" poster posters on the popular network, little Wang Yihan face together, sad crying, Meng Fei’s eyes turned white, a "life without love" expression. On the other side of the king of Yuehan is laughing at say what it seems. What happened, even let omnipotent Meng Fei also helpless? This thing should begin from a call at the end of August. At that time, the little sisters of the father Wang Xu received a program group call, that is to take on the children show proficiency in a particular line of program. "On the phone is not often received ‘what do you watch what prize in the program’ and the like, I thought it was a fraud call, to hang up." Wang Xu said at the time, never heard of this program, then the phone rang again once, just know is a video site preparation for the new program, intended to shoot Wang Yuehan face, so Wang Xucai promised to shoot. Before the official shooting, the program group came to the preliminary view. When the accident happened, remained silent sister Wang Yihan crying would like to show the face. Watching Wang Xu sweat, "sister (Wang Yihan) was only 3 years old, had just followed the practice when she sang opera, but the face of Kung Fu live, never once practiced sister work?" However, Wang Xuao but Wang Yihan, only by her. In my sister’s wardrobe, accompanied by music, Wang Yihan’s one trick also youmoyouyang, even in a short while the 5 faces. Wang Yihan’s first performance to catch up with her sister at the age of 4 changed the face of 5 records. Program group immediately said that the sisters will be invited to the show live together. 3 year old girl who recorded the scene "mad" Meng Fei at the end of September, the little sisters of one family happily came to the location, the little sisters face program to third. After the game, there was an interview on the sofa. Sister Wang Yihan because the head is too small, need to jump up from the sofa, in the process of jump, Wang Yihan’s sister Wang Yihan was knocked out the headset, feel the jump is not perfect, crying bitterly. Meng Fei put up with his sister, coax funny, but my sister does not buy the big accounts, crying for a long time, stop after, to Meng Fei said "potatoes", let Meng Fei shocked. In the course of communication, Wang Yi)相关的主题文章: