Man tea medicine mihun fans friends after the middle of fingerprint payment transfer-isobuster

Our friends after middle man tea drugged with its fingerprint payment transfer. Recently, Jiangsu Changshu police received a report together, Li people more than ten thousand yuan bank card while we suspect Xiao Li is take wings to itself, not in telecommunications fraud, an unexpected clues floating out of the water. More than seven points on Thursday night, Mr. Li ordered a takeaway, WeChat is ready to pay, but found a bank card binding on balance only 5 cents. Then, she try to bind the other bank cards, but the balance of the card is only less than 1 dollars, which can put Mike in a cold sweat. She was pretty sure that the balance of the two cards should be more than $ten thousand. At the same time, Mike’s Bank SMS, WeChat Alipay transaction records, transfer records, without any expenditure reminders or record. Subsequently, the police retrieved the Li bank transfer records. Records show that this ten thousand Yuan Li, by Alipay and WeChat, to a man surnamed Wang card. The man surnamed Wang, was her friend. Not long ago, but also specifically for him to bring the market is very rare black wolfberry. Victim Li introduced that day my friend called me to drink water, said to be brought back from Xinjiang to give me something to taste, and I drank a cup of tea. However, on the evening of Li’s impression is not profound, even after drinking tea appeared dizziness symptoms. Did you have a cup of tea in this universe? Immediately, the police on Li’s physical condition was detected. Changshou City Public Security Bureau Hongqiao police station Liu Zhiwei introduction, the detection of Li’s body fluid, found to contain narcotic ingredients. It seems that the black Chinese wolfberry tea in a really strange. Subsequently, Wang surrendered to the police station, he admitted buying a potion of anesthesia in the network, which is the other after drinking will be delirious. So he moved his head. Xiao Li drink this mixture of herbal medicine after the black wolfberry tea, dizziness and other symptoms. More than an hour after completely sleeping. At this time, Wang Li took out the mobile phone, secretly by Mike’s fingerprints, the WeChat, Alipay transfer operation, the money into his account. Subsequently, Wang also deleted all the transaction records, and will be sent to the downstairs downstairs, Li looked after shaking upstairs before leaving. At present, Wang has been jingfangxingju.相关的主题文章: