Manchester United’s new nuclear muscle strain is confirmed to be a truce for 10 days without fear Ma-winsockfix

United’s new nuclear muscle was confirmed 10 days war truce fear missed Manchester United’s new nuclear Sohu – Sports truce 10 days fear missed Manchester derby   Beijing time on September 3rd, the Armenia Football Association officially announced that midfielder M F Kobita Liang was diagnosed with left thigh muscle injury, will be sidelined for 10 days or so, so, the Manchester United star played in the September 10th Manchester Derby hope. Mkhitaryan is in a warm-up match against Czech on the wounded, when he collided with each other player, looking very painful, and half did not end has been changed. M F Kobita Liang joined Manchester United this summer, he has not yet played in the Premier League on behalf of the team, but in the face of the city of Hull in the game, after the substitution of the bench to play well on the face of the United States, but in the face of the United States, the United States and the United states. According to the "Manchester Evening News" news, United hope once mkhitaryan can play Manchester derby, but now, this possibility is very low. In the official website, the Armenia Football Association announced that Muxi talyan left thigh muscle injury, will be sidelined for about 10 days, while Manchester derby in September 10th will be started, therefore, it is difficult to play mkhitaryan. The Armenia Football Association official also confirmed that Mjita will miss the next World Cup qualifier against Denmark, this is a great loss to the Armenia national team. Last season’s mkhitaryan Dortmund representative scored 23 goals, 32 assists, his injury is a bad news for the national team and club. (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: