Mother network thousands of miles to give clothes love to do thousands of large-scale public welfare ppbox

Mother Trinidad donated clothing love for thousands of large public money and clothes activities ended in June this year, the United China mother network Chengdu Railway Station Social Welfare Foundation launched "Trinidad donated clothing, love for the tens of thousands of large-scale public welfare activities donate clothes. The message was released after the mother network, a large number of users to support her mother, in 3 months time, the mother of the city of Chengdu Railway Station collected a total of more than 82 boxes of clothing. According to statistics, as of the end of 2015 there are still 55 million 750 thousand poor rural population, a large number of adults and children in the food and clothing for livelihood. For many urban families, every year for how to deal with old clothes and worry. The mother network survey showed that more than 90% of users encountered second-hand clothes donation "door", of which 69% of users said that "but finally only throw away the old clothes", 22% of users said they would choose "through other ways to deal with old clothes". Thus, the mother of the network planning a large donation of public welfare activities. Since the mother network has always been adhering to rely on their own advantages to help the next generation of the theme, "care for rare diseases of children" and "small market charity donation", "MUA health package" Wuhua charity donation, poverty alleviation and love and other public events, driven by more and more enterprises and organizations to join to the public activities in the past. In the mother’s call, "beauty washing day" and "City Express" and other enterprises to participate in the activities of the public to donate clothes. All the clothing will be responsible for cleaning the "beautiful day" washing ", by far to express" limousine service in poor areas. Professional washing agencies and the participation of the company has greatly enhanced the quality of the charity activities, cracked the old clothes donated trapped. It is understood that the collection of 82 boxes of public welfare activities, a total of more than more than 4500 pieces of clothing has been started in September 1st to Liangshan Mianning County, and in September 5th received a donation of clothing received in response. This also marks the "thousand miles to give clothes, love to do thousands of" large-scale public welfare donation activities ended successfully. Mother network staff said that the end of an event means that the beginning of another activity, the mother of the network will continue to extend the road of charity.相关的主题文章: