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"My war" held in early to see the film   new war film won praise — entertainment channel, August 31st movie "my war" held in Beijing early to see the film media activities and expert seminars, China Film Association Secretary General Rao Shuguang, executive vice president of China Film Critics Society Zhang Wei, director of the center television communication research Tsinghua University Yin Hong, Professor Zhang Yiwu, Peking University Chinese in author Gao Yan, China Academy of military strategy expert Hong Yuan and other leading experts to watch the film, and the film is discussed. "My war" directed by Hongkong director Peng Shun, Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Yang Ning, Huang Zhizhong? Co star, tells the story of a group of people’s Volunteer Army to resist period China bloody story. "I just heard that the project invited a director of Hongkong, we have all had doubts." Rao Shuguang believes that the film is directed by Pang brought war films of different temperament: he put a cruel and realistic war very profound, past war more or in the performance of heroism, but "my war" using a new narrative mode, such as some Sichuan dialect. There are male and female, the expression of feelings are very detailed description, it also has a sense of humor." Zhang Wei said, "my war" presents a detailed voluntary army intensive sacrifice, "war is the realism of real" cruel strangling life, as well as the sudden War: "just play the accordion, immediately came in. Walking on the face of the mine, the girl told the boy that I do not allow you to die, the results of the girls themselves to sacrifice, which is the inevitability of death in war. This is still very rare in the previous war films, I think it is very valuable." "My war" was written by famous writer Liu Heng, his adaptation of Ba Jin’s "Reunion", it is understood that the original works will highlight the perspective of "I", and the film will be part of the "war" also gives some emphasis on performance. Zhang Yiwu believes that the director Pang very well put his lens language movement ever created horror movies in the film, enhance the sense of rhythm and ornamental, "more valuable is that we see the small characters in the war broke out in the energy, I think that now 90, 00 after the young people see us the national spirit, which is a kind of transmission power, more fashionable to say, is the nation’s first force." Yin Hong also said, "my war" as the first release of the war after the Cultural Revolution theme of the film, has a special historical significance, "we can see that the fire, fire, the scene is grand, embodies a" The Dawns Here are quiet "war view, the unity of the state and resistance the values, it does not always reflect positive enemy characters, is to me the perspective of war of the beautiful things destroyed." The movie "my war" will be released on September 15th. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: