Nanjing held in commemoration of Sun Zhongshan thematic exhibition misao

Nanjing held to commemorate Sun Zhongshan special exhibition – Beijing, China News Agency, Nanjing, November 11 (Yang Yanci) to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan, "Sun Zhongshan and Sun Zhongshan" to save the nation and the overseas Chinese? Aviation thematic exhibition opened in Nanjing on 11. More than 200 precious historical images, to reproduce the life of his husband, and with overseas Chinese, and aviation related to save the nation’s revolutionary past. The Nanjing aviation martyrs memorial hall, white and yellow lights in the dark on the wall. Black and white pictures, old literature, calligraphy…… A picture of neat combination in panels, along the time axis, with overseas Chinese, aviation and saving two theme exhibition apart. Nanjing overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Tan Derong said: "looking back Mr. Sun Zhongshan and his revolutionary career, overseas Chinese always everywhere, is the revolutionary cause of the supporters. Under the influence of Mr. Hu, generation after generation of overseas Chinese, concerned about the development of ancestors (membership), their contribution, continues to date." The establishment of the organization, the establishment of newspapers and periodicals, raise funds to help rates, to participate in the uprising, industrial salvation…… In addition to these well known content, the aviation industry has set up a bridge of friendship between the Chinese and overseas chinese. Tan Derong said that Mr. Sun Zhongshan not only with the overseas Chinese have forged a deep revolutionary friendship, but also in overseas visits, germination of the idea of "saving the nation by aviation". He was active in drawing and organization of patriotic overseas Chinese learning of aviation technology, its flight school, set up factories manufacturing aircraft, development of the aviation industry Chinese far-reaching influence. Pointing to a side inscribed "Sun instruments" brush inscription — "air salvation", the staff said that the aircraft used for the first time in the war gave Sun Zhongshan a great touch. Long before the revolution, Mr. Tan Gen encouraged overseas Chinese to learn aviation technology, to join the aviation industry, Feng Ru, who is one of the best. In "Sun Zhongshan and the overseas Chinese" exhibition, the Nanjing overseas Chinese propaganda director Xu Jiaming told reporters, will be established early in 1894 when Mr Sun Zhongshan Xing, has been overseas overseas Chinese support, but the beginning of the small size. In 1905 after the establishment of the alliance, the overseas overseas Chinese for the support of Mr. more actively, expand the scale of. According to statistics, Sun Zhongshan led the 10 armed uprising, a total cost of $620 thousand, of which 80% for overseas Chinese rates. (end)相关的主题文章: