Nanjing in the next 5 years will be built in the metropolitan area of the construction of the subway-ca1805

Nanjing in the next 5 years will be built in the metropolitan area of the construction of the subway line in the next five years, "new Nanjing" is what? How to build a strong economy, rich people, the environment of the United States, a high degree of social civilization, the "new Nanjing"? Municipal work report revealed that Nanjing will be driven by innovation, urban and rural construction, cultural construction, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects of tangible initiatives. Especially in the urban and rural construction, Nanjing will accelerate the construction of the city, as the core, in Jiangbei District, Dongshan (Airport), Xianlin (Tang Shan) as the focus of the Nanjing metropolitan area pattern. At the same time, accelerate the city rail transit construction, completion of the Metro Line 4, line 5, line 7 and line 2 West extension line construction. Key words: industrial transformation and upgrading Nanjing will be built into an important international tourism destination innovation is the source of the development of power industry is an important support for development. Nanjing clear, will adhere to the core position in the development of global innovation, accelerate the comprehensive innovation with science and technology innovation as the core, and strive to foster the development of innovative economy, building backbone enterprises rely more on innovation driven, more leading the development of first mover advantage play. In the industrial transformation and upgrading, Nanjing will vigorously promote the iron and steel, petrochemical, automobile, electronics and other traditional industrial upgrading, adjust the layout of space, optimize product structure, eliminate backward production capacity, enhance the development level. Focus on the construction of "2025 Chinese manufacturing" pilot demonstration city, focusing on key areas, and actively foster the introduction of a number of industry leading enterprises, build a number of new industrial parks, promote the development of advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industry annual output value exceeded 1 trillion yuan. Continue to enhance the level of development of software and information services industry, and strive to 2020 software revenue exceeded 800 billion yuan. Vigorously develop the cultural industry and tourism industry, the construction of cultural and creative tourism center and international important tourist destination. At the same time, the further development of private economy. Strive to increase the proportion of the city’s private economy accounted for the proportion of GDP increased to more than 55%. Encourage private capital to enter the infrastructure, financial services, municipal engineering, public services and other fields, to participate in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises. Keywords urban planning and construction in the core pattern of Nanjing metropolitan region of Nanjing will give full play to the leading role of planning, the city construction including, adhere to intensive land use, and further optimize the structure of city land. To strengthen the city design, clear cultural history, open space, visual corridor control and architectural style, color and other aspects of requirements, efforts to shape along the city wall, along the Yangtze River, along the the Qinhuai River, along the historical streets of eco cultural space, highlighting the city forest landscape and historical and cultural heritage of the city. The old city to increase protection efforts, accelerate Binjiang, Gulou area, Tiebei Yanziji renovation, repair and orderly city organic renewal, to enhance the quality of the city and the overall image. It is noteworthy that, Nanjing is also clear that the next five years will accelerate the construction of metropolitan pattern. To further improve the city space layout of multi centers, axial group, Yong river development ", accelerate the construction of the city as the core, in Jiangbei District, Dongshan (Airport), Xianlin (Tang Shan) as the focus of the Nanjing metropolitan area pattern. Among them, the new feather in Jiangbei相关的主题文章: