Nanjing this month to start air pollution control to reduce heavy pollution-stand by me shinee

Nanjing this month to start air pollution prevention and control of heavy pollution weather in November 17th, Nanjing, vice mayor Xie Zhicheng visited the Nanjing municipal government website, and Internet users to communicate on the topic of environmental protection. He compared the air condition, as of November 14th this year and last year, the city’s air quality reached the two standards (i.e. good weather) the number of days to 205 days, less than 1 days; compliance rate was 65.5%, down 0.1 percentage points. The city’s average PM2.5 concentration of 47 g m3, compared with the same period last year decreased by 13%, compared with the same period in 2013 fell by 31.9%. Heavy pollution days 3 days, down by 3 days. "Despite the double influence of the haze weather and ozone pollution, Nanjing city’s air quality compliance rate decreased slightly, but due to various control measures to effectively carry out the city’s weather, frequency and extent of heavy pollution have significantly improved. This year, the number of excellent days, excellent (level a) of the number of days than last year, an increase of 19 days." Xie Zhicheng said. Xie Zhicheng introduction, the next five years, the city’s environmental protection work, highlighting a core, is to improve the quality of the environment as the core, the main indicators of environmental quality can only be changed, can not be changed. By 2020, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 decreased by 20% compared with the year of 2015, and the number of days in which the urban air quality reached the level of grade two was increased to 80%, and the proportion of surface water in the province was better than that of grade. It is reported that for the season to better cope with winter possible heavy pollution weather, in October this year, Nanjing introduced the spring and winter atmospheric environmental quality security control program. Since November 1st, Nanjing launched a comprehensive prevention and control measures, the overall implementation of the control work is good. The adverse weather conditions, each unit will respond quickly to strictly implement the factory stop to limit production, site downtime and other control requirements, the degree of pollution to a minimum, the frequency and extent of practical. (Lu Wei)相关的主题文章: