Network Cup – Xiao bautier scored two 6-1 victory over the final battle of millet-truffe

Network Cup – Xiao bautier scored two 6-1 win the finals will fight millet starter Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 2nd, the 2016 network media elite stage for the semi-finals, a race of five trophies against Baidu out of the car home. The results of the first half of three ball leading Phoenix Online, and the final score of 6-1 head into the finals, they will meet in the finals of millet. The beginning of the game firmly occupy a market advantage, for second minutes, Xiao bautier right 45 degrees, kissing Zhang Xin arrived but the ball slightly higher number. Third minutes, took the lead, Sun Yajun qianchangduanqiu broke into the restricted area of a low shot to break the other side of the gate, the score was 1-0. 1 minutes later, Phoenix to expand the lead, Xiao Bojie and Feng Yusen played a subtle combination of the two, the left side of the restricted area of the ball easily scored, 2-0. Two ball leading has not slowed the pace of the goal, nineteenth minutes, Xiao bautier box sent Feng Yusen will score diversionary ghosts, the ball into the net, the score to 3-0. Near the end of the first half of the car home has created a few opportunities, but the threat is not enough, 3-0’s score remained at the end of the first half. The second half of the game, as in the past to quickly enter the state, forty-third minutes, Captain Xu Yue sent a wonderful Zhise, Zhang Xin first shot him, but he was alert, a shooting the ball, 4-0. Fifty-third minutes, Zhu for the edge of the area was at Lengjian, despite the strength but not angle ball Diao, goalkeeper reaction is less than 5-0, five goals ahead. Fifty-ninth minutes, Xiao Bojie gain another victory, 6-0. summoned a foregone conclusion, for a number of substitutes. Sixty-first minutes after the supporting players find Xiao bautier winger, Feng Yusen faced the opportunity to close at hand deflected. While the game is hard to find opportunities for warfare in the car home to create a penalty in the sixty-seventh minute, Hu Jianing scored the ball, 6-1. The final end of the game, 6-1 win the final, final time is November 5th 8:00 final opponent will be millet, they in another semi-final victory over 1-0 Alibaba.相关的主题文章: