Nine late old man wanted to go home to Liuzhou on the streets surrounding residents enthusiastic hel

Nine late old man wanted to go home to Liuzhou on the streets surrounding residents enthusiastic help 93 year old Tian Jinfeng clear thinking, to communicate with the outside world is very smooth. Nanguojinbao journalist Liu Zhijie   the "more than and 90 year old man in the street for two or three months, every day picking up trash leftovers to eat, too poor!" Liuzhou city Luorong town residents reflect the streets of a elderly man to the reporter, I hope the relevant departments to rescue. September 23rd, the 9 year old homeless man has been sent to Liuzhou rescue station. The old street to pick up trash by September 22nd, reporters in Liuzhou city Luorong town government a beef offal pathway and Xincheng Road intersection near the roof, to see the old man wandering. The old man’s hair, gray beard, black hands up full of wrinkles, dressed in a shabby shirt, no buttons, wearing a pair of black trousers worn, sitting under the eaves of a stool, stood beside two bags, hats, plastic barrels, woven bag the bed has been filled with a black quilt etc.. The old man had slept outside for two or three months, during the day and sometimes walk around, sleep at night under the eaves." Live in Luorong town of Wen Mingzhong told reporters that the old man is more than and 90 years old this year, the original rental in a rented room nearby, previously dug up the mountain to the streets to sell some herbs, usually junk, the surrounding residents have seen him. The old man moved out because he couldn’t pay the rent. "Every day, pick up the leftovers to eat, sometimes people throw garbage raw pigskin bucket, he also picked up chewing." Wen Mingzhong said, looking at the old man is too poor, his family sent him several times, he gave the old man two hundred or three hundred yuan. Nearby residents are also very enthusiastic, from time to time will give 5 pieces of 10, so that the elderly to buy food to eat. "This is not a permanent solution, he had to find a place to settle down." Wen Mingzhong said, the weather is getting cold, old age, how to do in case of death in the streets? No account without family break for decades despite the Tianya look sloppy, older, but the old man talking with reporters, have good ears and eyes clear thinking, no communication, a problem at all. The old man said, his name is Tian Jinfeng, born in 1924, this year has been 93 years old, his hometown in Xincheng Datang town. Talk about home, the old man is sad, the original home has three brothers, two brothers are dead, no descendants, Tian Jinfeng life is not married, no children, thirty or forty years ago out of wandering, cut off contact with the home early. "In the past to help others to raise chickens and ducks, the frog, I keep these things have a way of." The old man said, he also dug up the mountain herbs, these are his way of livelihood. But older, others do not want to find him to do things, he would pick up the garbage to sell, and sometimes sell a few pieces a day, more than a dozen to maintain life. "All over the country around, I have seen the world"." The old man was excited to talk about it. The old man said, he went to Hunan to Shaoshan, visited the former residence of Mao Zedong; the East have been to Hangzhou, Suzhou, the south to Hainan, to help people raise chickens. .相关的主题文章: