Ningbo 800 kilometers guoshengdao against the first domestic catastrophe insurance highest awarded 2

Ningbo 800 kilometers guoshengdao against the first domestic catastrophe insurance highest awarded 200 million and 11 month 11 days, Ningbo city held a general national and provincial highway operation period of catastrophe risk insurance innovation pilot work conference. Yesterday, Ningbo City Highway Bureau and the Ningbo branch of the Pacific Property Insurance (chief underwriter) and Ningbo branch of PICC (the insured) special insurance cooperation agreement signed at a meeting. Under the agreement, Ningbo will launch a three year highway catastrophe risk insurance pilot. The next year will be more than and 800 kilometers of Ningbo national and provincial insurance, the insured amount is about 12000000 yuan, the cumulative maximum payment limit of 200 million yuan. This is the Ningbo national insurance innovation pilot area after listing, the first landing of major innovation projects in the country is still the first. During the 12th Five-Year, Ningbo highway catastrophe damaged nearly 300 million yuan Ningbo is a comprehensive national insurance innovation pilot area, catastrophe insurance has been walking in the forefront of the country. When it comes to catastrophe, refers to some unexpected, difficult to avoid and caused huge losses of natural disasters, such as typhoons, tropical storms, tornadoes, storms, floods, sudden landslides, debris flow, dam break, often on the traffic facilities severely damaged. From 2006 to 2015 of 10 years, Ningbo has suffered 5 direct economic losses amounted to 1 billion yuan more than the typhoon hit, which in 2012 and 2013, the typhoon "sea anemone" typhoon Buffett to Ningbo caused ten billion economic losses. According to incomplete statistics, in 12th Five-Year, the loss caused by natural disasters due to natural disasters in Ningbo up to nearly 300 million yuan. Ningbo is the first national comprehensive insurance innovation pilot area, after the 2013 typhoon Buffett, Ningbo residents from the catastrophe insurance pilot started to construct catastrophe risk protection system improvement. At present, it has successfully launched the catastrophe insurance products covering the loss of urban and rural residents, the loss of agricultural breeding, small and micro enterprise property losses, etc.. But for ordinary highway catastrophe risk protection, because the quota is difficult, difficult, will be responsible for damage to other outstanding issues, is always in a state of blank. Guoshengdao encountered catastrophic damage, the highest paid 200 million yuan Ningbo highway will start three years of catastrophe insurance pilot. Next year is the first year of the implementation of the city, the territory of the State Road 137 km and 667 km of highway and the insured amount is about 12000000 yuan. During the insurance period, when the typhoon, floods, mudslides and other eight major disasters, the loss caused by the roadbed, road, bridge, culvert project will be paid by the insurance company, the cumulative maximum payment limit is 200 million yuan. The relevant person in charge of Ningbo City Highway Management Bureau said the Ningbo highway catastrophe insurance is not only innovative highway disaster relief management mode, but also conducive to play the guiding role of financial capital leverage, improve the management level of highway construction risk, boost Ningbo national insurance innovation comprehensive experimental zone. After the success of the pilot, catastrophe insurance will gradually spread to the rural roads in Ningbo, is expected to be extended to the province and even the whole country. "Guoshengdao catastrophe insurance pilot is successful, the insurance business will have more extensive exploration, may be upgraded to a city traffic engineering system of catastrophe insurance in the future." Ningjia相关的主题文章: