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Obviously can do, what is the reason for the doctor refused to operate on him? Sohu health – have you ever seen a doctor refuse to treat a patient? Some people think it is inconceivable that it is related to life, how can doctors refuse treatment? A pity it’s, It’s true drops. A, so in what circumstances, the doctor will refuse to treat patients? 1 no money this year, you can not do anything without money, money is life ah. Don’t blame the doctor, the patient did not pay, the hospital administration, doctors have no way. 2 can not cure the doctor’s medicine co.. Medicine is not enough, I suggest you find someone else in it, it will only delay your illness. 3 cure has been regarded as hopeless. not saved, not to mention the doctor, Jinxian to no use. However, there is also a patient, he had the money (at least afford the medical expenses), disease can be treated well, doctors are clever, but the doctor refused to treat him, why is this? Smart people may think, it does not matter, do not continue to look smart. (ahem, wise to look down.) Do not know if you have not read the "intention" of this drama, a modern medical drama is very good, there is such a thing. A man with his mother to find a doctor huosimiao, huosimiao clinic after to push off, does not intend to give his mother a surgery, he can actually do the surgery. Female students have not graduated from the collection was just entering the community, Huo doctor, inexperienced, silly white sweet, caring and sense of justice. At that time, she took the teacher Dr. Huo criticized the meal, as a doctor, how can you refuse to treat patients? Huosimiao explain, you didn’t see the man in question? Must be a trouble man. No matter how to explain, female students still can not agree with dr.. In order to let their students disappointed, huosimiao and meet the patients, and for her to do the surgery. Worrying thing happened, the operation is not smooth, causing serious complications. Then the patient’s son from a patient in a blink of an eye into the medical trouble, he not only no longer pay for his mother’s treatment, his mother still kept in hospital no, but also the day with people to the hospital. Finally, his mother in the hospital for more than half a year, the disease is also well, she will own the property donated to the country, and then jump to commit suicide. This thing huosimiao exhausted, a long time can not work normally; female students also see the reality, and to blame myself. From the patient’s point of view, as a doctor, why not to the patient? What from ruin? It seems reasonable to say that doctors should be treated equally, should not be selective treatment. But from the perspectives of the doctors, huosimiao said such a sentence: "I did every day of the surgery, every day in the rescue, waiting for me to save to many people, why should I save a rescue may affect my people?" Do you think the doctor is right? I used to think it was TV, it was fake, until one day I.相关的主题文章: