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UnCategorized Married dating may be one of the most exciting experiences. It may also be dangerous if you are afraid of getting caught. This is the story of how I started to cheat on my wife. You may be one of the millions who never won the jackpot from the lottery but some people do win the jackpot. Night out with boys! While .ing back to my table with drinks in my hand I bumped into her. She was my jackpot because when I offered to buy her Martini which I spilled by that fortunate accident she said yes and started to chat with me. Everything was going too well to believe and one of the proverbs I shape my life around is, if something is too good to be true, it probably is not (true)! So I started to approach the situation with a little caution. I had not cheated on my wife before but I didn’t want to miss my chance. I also didn’t want to mess things up because of my lack of experience. So I approached her advances like a gentleman never crossing the thin line between flirting and innocently chatting. After a couple of round she said that I was very kind to her and this time she wanted to buy the drinks. I said go ahead and she took some money from her bag and went to the bar to buy our drinks. Her bag was open and her back was turned. Some devil kicked my elbow and I put my hand inside the bag taking the first thing that came to my hand. It was a photograph of me and my wife from our honeymoon and at the back of it my name was written along with an e-mail address. I put the picture back and while waiting for the drinks logged on to the Inter. from my cell phone to check out the domain name from the mail address. The domain name turned out to be an online service that was designed for married people who had suspicions about their spouses of cheating on them. The rest of the night was incredibly fun. I took her to my buddies’ table and we drank all together having the fun of our lives. I introduced her to my friends encouraging her to pick one up whispering their secrets in her ears. A while later she told me that I was the one she wanted to spend the night with and I answered her that I was married, loved my wife more than anything in the world and even though I would very much love my hands to be all over her, I couldn’t do that to my wife. Then she asked me if I was gay. Maybe this was another thing she was sent to learn about or it was the last resort to turn me into an "unfaithful dog". That night she left the bar with Greg and I never heard of her again. After that night I started to check out married dating sites. I met with lots of beautiful women knowing that my wife didn’t send them and experienced the taste of forbidden fruit with piece of mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: