Telecommunications fraud posing as public security the police to help women recover in time l-3u8547

Telecommunications fraud posing as public security "  the police to help women recover in time loss – Sichuan Channel – original title: Telecommunications fraud posing as public security police to help women recover in time loss in November 17th morning, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Chengdu Longquanyi district has not got up, suddenly a phone woke. Pick up the phone, Ms. Zhang suddenly no drowsiness. Over the phone, the person claiming to be the public security authorities handling the case, "" you are suspected of money laundering crime now, involving millions of yuan. Currently you have been wanted on the Internet, if you want to prove innocence, you need to hit all the deposits to a security account for police investigation." Ms. Zhang confound even for gospel truth, sometimes do not know how to do. At the request of the other party, Ms. Zhang hurriedly went to a nearby bank, took out 60 thousand yuan from their own bank card, ready to transfer to a safe account". On the way to carry cash ready to transfer, Ms. Zhang after Longquanyi District Public Security Bureau police station north road, remembered the morning call, she immediately ran into the duty room consultation, "I really wanted by the Internet?" After listening to Ms. Zhang’s statement, immediately know that this is the case she suffered telecommunications fraud, quickly stopped Ms. Zhang did not let the remittance, and its knowledge of the spread of knowledge. Subsequently, the police escorted Ms. Zhang will be taken out of the 60 thousand yuan in cash back to their bank account. To this end, the police reminded the general public, to keep in mind the ten all away from telecommunications fraud. That claim to public security requiring remittances, are usually called Telecom fraud; your remittance to the "security accounts", are all telecommunications fraud; notification of winning, you first pay to receive subsidies, are all telecommunications fraud; notice the "family" accident to transfer, are all for telecommunications fraud; personal and bank card information on the phone, are usually called telecommunications fraud; you open online banking acceptance inspection, are usually called Telecom fraud; you to open the hotel room to accept the investigation, are usually called Telecom fraud; you visit the website through the warrant, are all claiming to be the leader of telecommunications fraud; (the boss) requiring remittances, are all unfamiliar websites to telecommunications fraud; registration of bank card information, is a telecommunications fraud. (reporter Li?) (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

Greentown service S1 high-end property service providers to usher in a short harvest

Greentown service S1: high-end property services business ushered in the harvest season of short-term hot column capital flows thousands thousand stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The analysis of Rufus, Jutong Kun introduction: Greentown service as the leading high-end Chinese property services provider, Hong Kong stocks listed by the attention of investors. Due to the current changes in the property management industry in the mobile Internet era, the emergence of a number of new business models, may impact on the property management industry. Greentown services as one of the most successful management of the current business leader, the future business model and development strategy is also facing adjustment. This paper focuses on the aspect of business development services Greentown business model, the future development strategy and difficulty, and potential risks were briefly analyzed and there is no answer to many problems at present, the need to track observation, this paper views the only reference to the investors. Core summary: 1, Greentown service business model introduced in 2, Greentown service profit is high? 3, the company’s future development strategy and potential difficulties of 4, changes in equity of China Greentown Greentown service impact and potential transactions 5, conclusion: the sustained rapid growth of investment services Greentown in the short term, long-term growth uncertainty of 1 Greentown services business model introduction service is Chinese Greentown leading high-end residential property management services provider, providing three service: property management services, consulting services and value-added service park. Property management services to provide the basis of security, cleaning, repair and maintenance services, mainly located in the brand to establish, maintain and improve the viscosity of the owners, the company’s cash flow business. The basic service is the "marketing center" of the pre consultation, and also provides the customer base for the value-added service of the park. Because of Greentown high-quality service requirements, the basic property invested a lot of manpower cost, basic property services also provides expert consulting team and part of the park service staff, can be said to be the company’s "human cost center". Consulting service to the main pipe company provides consulting services for developers and property, to win the high profit business through consulting services play Greentown brand value, is the main contribution to the profits of the company; at the same time, through early intervention development consulting more accessible property contract, providing a large number of reserves for property management services contract. Greentown Park value-added services revenue, including the basic property services income (property fee income) of all the services provided to the owners of income. Park value-added services to improve the owners of high property costs of acceptance, is conducive to the increase in the cost of property prices rising labor costs, more importantly, the company provides相关的主题文章:

Feng Shui turns to Railway Bonds outstanding performance in 2016-ca1835

Feng Shui turns to Railway Bonds outstanding performance in 2016 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to Peng Bo reported that 5 years ago because of traffic accidents and anti-corruption investigation suffered Railway Bonds, in 2016 to become the best Chinese onshore market credit debt of investors expect the government for the development of high-tech industry and service economy, will provide support for the railway industry. Transport companies, including China Railway Corporation, including bonds rose 4.1% this year, the largest increase in the United States Merrill Lynch index tracking of the 11 industries. Energy companies bond yield of 3.9%; public utility enterprise bond yield of 3.6%, ranking in the top third. Affected by investor concerns about government regulation of real estate, real estate corporate bonds essentially flat, is the worst performing industry. Alibaba, the country’s largest online retailer, said its revenues for the quarter ended June 30th were up 47% from a year earlier, as the company moved further into the rural market. INVESCO Asia Pacific chief investment officer Hu Jialin said fixed income, the transportation industry is the foundation of China new economic industry booming, before people go to the department store shopping habits are e-commerce replaced, which brought a sharp increase of transport volume. Transport China railway company bonds rose 10 year bond yields fell 86 basis points over the past year to 3.43%, compared with the same period of Treasuries narrowed 33 basis points, to 63 points. In 2013, the yield difference reached 180 basis points, then Chinese formation of Railway Corporation arrangements of the State Council, the Ministry of Railways of the original enterprise bear responsibility, leading investors worried the government on the company’s support will be weakened. ICBC international in Hongkong, senior research analyst Angus To said China railway company issued bonds now have clear support of the government, its bonds or larger may be because the decline in yields under the background of market preference yields higher than the national debt of the security assets. Bond prices of transport companies such as Hainan airlines and Changsha rail transit group. Changsha rail transit group in December 2025 due to bond yields fell 65 basis points to 3.5% this year, the return of $6.3%, compared with the Bank of China, the average return on China’s debt index was $3.3%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Recommendation Seville victory in 2016149 out of the guest – beware of

Recommendation: Seville victory in 2016149 out of 1 Sohu – beware of guest Hull vs  Chelsea   recommended: 0 the recent series of points, but perhaps with this schedule, the face of war promoted Maher City, at the beginning of 1 reference data, which favors the blues can win lottery Bo rebound, 0 single. 2 VS recommended: 0 Moyers Sunderland Albion this season after taking office, Sunderland in the League still win last week, Crystal Palace lost home court, continue to accompany premier Roger, the war with West Brom, data is still not optimistic about the market outlook, only 0.25 bets, which continue to see Sunderland defeat. 3 Waterford VS Bournemouth: Waterford 30 recommended this season has to step back, round at Burnley failed to lose, the continuation of the recent winning streak, at the beginning of the data out of 0.25, let the disc a lack of confidence, Bournemouth is expected to hit the guest, lottery recommended to go 30. 4 West Ham VS Middlesbrough recommended: 3 compared with the previous season, West Ham scoresdeclined, the last round of home court loss to the saints, has slipped to second place standings countdown, the war for the disc 0.25, the index is expected to rebound to help low-key hammers, lottery Bo 3. 5 Berlin Herta VS Hamburg recommended: 0 Berlin although Herta made a dream start, but recently the league have lost, the war with the fourth Hamburg disc concessions 0.5 water seems to lack of confidence, Europe refers to the guest more conservative, dare to win the rebound Bo hamburger. 6 Freiburg VS  Frankfurt   recommendation: Freiburg 10 start of the season 2 wins and 2 losses, lack of stability, the disc open 0.25 to disk, confidence is not enough, Frank forbay season play stability, especially in the face of the opponent to grab points away, leaving at is expected to undefeated. 7 Darmstadt VS  Werder Bremen;   recommended: 3 in Bremen in recent years, scores plummeted, the season is not much improvement, only the last round of the League to get into the gate of the victory, the famous 0.25 drag away let disc, I think the data is still not credible, then the main victory. Bayern 8.  Munich   VS Cologne recommended: 3 Bayern week in the Champions League Cup against Atletico, but they are still difficult to uncontested League, the Bundesliga team has 5 straight start Yiqijuechen, disc made 2.0-2.25 deep dish, not even win victory over Bayern issue. 9 by Todd VS Hoffenheim recommended: 3 gold for gold from sluggish performance this season, the Bundesliga start 1 draws and 4 losses so far have not won, but the disc at the beginning of ginseng went from 0.25 to 0.5, the data to support his, which might support because gores first win for the new season to win todd. 10.  Leverkusen   VS  Dortmund   recommendation: 31.相关的主题文章:

Beijing City super food on early autumn of this new petty stronghold – Sohu and Hot pot-roxane hayward

Super food on Beijing? | Beijing early autumn of this new petty stronghold – Sohu and food Hot pot detective story: [history] Hot pot of Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty poetry "Nineteen column" ask: "green ants new cool wine red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup?" But the wonderful but Shaw described the scene to eat hot pot. In the Song Dynasty, the method of eating hot pot has been very common in the civil society, the Southern Song Dynasty, Lin’s "mountain home for the" recipe, there will be friends with the introduction of hot pot. Yuan Dynasty, hot pot spread to Mongolia area, used to cook beef and mutton. To the Qing Dynasty, not only in the popular Hot pot, and became a famous palace cuisine, is the material such as pheasant venison. It is said that the emperor Qian Long had a Hot pot, he had traveled Jiangnan times, every one, have Hot pot. The Qing Dynasty Jiaqing emperor ascended the throne ceremony, held a grand banquet called "Hot pot, dinner banquet", the Hot pot up to more than 1500. This autumn | cited higher sun Hot pot shorter summer dress has been lopsided, after a burst of autumn rain, leakage tops, hip length pants have been abandoned, hot body and warm season has waved goodbye. But who said autumn must be "sad solitude", we want to loudly say, the more ruthless, I more heart waves! Continue a little hot, Hot pot, a continuation of passion! Eleven holidays for friends bestie party but right then,? Food exploration shop group also waiting in a sunny morning,? Food into the shop group ready to start, Let’s go! Exploration shop group today finally do not have crowded subway crowded bus, because the imperial GS scooter, as exploration shop group exclusive car, orange imperial GS is beautiful! Whatever, I’m not going to tell you that we’re going to a fancy hot pot restaurant today! The car into the shop: Imperial GS fashion city SUV (color: orange, capacity: 1.3T, horsepower: 129 HP turbo) | GS car trip on the road eleven Beijing road when the holiday, like to eat more delicacy and indigestion of the intestinal wall! Fortunately, the car Geely Dorsett GS comfort is excellent, so that the whole process of driving pleasure! Come on, be blocked with blocking, hurt each other ah, anyway, the seat comfort package is good, the space inside the car, not a bit stuck". Beijing autumn really fast, the car air conditioning cool air is too cold shiver, everybody called off the air-conditioning to open the window, open the window just outside the noise of roaring, saying this thin layer of glass are not covered, so good sound insulation effect. The car into the ring, on both sides of the lush trees, sitting in the copilot’s seat slowly tilted back to my comfortable angle, panoramic sunroof is, eyeful of green trees and blue sky, so beautiful! The narrow alley is not just the test driver and car passing through a small alley, we finally see today’s destination, this Hot pot a motion element, as the theme of the Hot pot shop. This food journey | Hot pot son ~ when the car outside the cool weather, the fall of the capital to a standing trunk.相关的主题文章:

Or listed in 2017 Volkswagen BlueMotion version Polo exposure spy – car — peop-hit5杨帆

Or listed in 2017   Volkswagen BlueMotion version POLO exposure spy – car — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Hu Yigong) recently, the media exposure of a group of POLO Volkswagen BlueMotion version of the domestic real car photos. It is reported that the new car is expected to market in the first quarter of 2017. The appearance of the new model and the ordinary version of the model is basically the same, but in the details of the forward air grille has been adjusted, the tail has BlueMotion exclusive logo. As we see from the car tail no "Volkswagen" logo, and the license plate frame is European style, so the car should be a prototype test car overseas POLO BlueMotion version. Interior, the overall layout of the new car is basically the same as the ordinary version of the model, with a large size control screen, the screen arranged on both sides of a number of function buttons. Power, overseas POLO BlueMotion version, which is equipped with a 1.0TSI turbocharged three cylinder engine, maximum power of 95 horsepower, peak torque is 118 nm? M, transmission is expected to match the 5 speed manual gearbox. (source: – BITAUTO) comment: in the environmental protection era, in addition to the development of hybrid and pure electric, many car companies have launched their own environmental protection and energy saving scheme, BlueMotion is one of them, it is worth looking forward to. (Hu Yi, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

To those who have gone to the front beacon! – Sohu car-beself

To those who have gone to the front beacon! The United States automobile Sohu – once a year the palm beach show just ended, because brought together many very valuable and not yet listed the vintage car concept car, known as the world’s highest level of the show did not too much. Although the different shapes of the vintage car All flowers bloom together. suction eye of numerous, but the most impressive thing is that a variety of vintage car front exquisite beyond compare now with the sign, we appreciate some rise above the common herd logo. In fact, the first car with the car brand and beacon is not half dime, the figure of this beacon is the United States BOYCE MOTO-METER company, the company applied for a patent in 1912 this beacon. However, its actual effect is not decoration, but to the front with radiator cover as a whole, can test the water tank of water vapor temperature, prevent boil". Using the 1919 Ford T car "water table" beacon. Most people are familiar with Rolls-Royce’s "flying goddess" beacon is derived from a beautiful love story. The aristocratic family of British MP John · Montagu fell in love with the humble ecdysiast Eleanor · Thornton, because the secular opposition to his friends together, with Thornton as the prototype to build a statue of Montagu, the statue mounted to his Rolls-Royce car on the front, in order to imply their love. Many don’t know this is the elite beacon attraction, to follow your own car to the installation of various "out of order" accessories. In February 6th 1, "flying goddess" officially became Rolls-Royce logo. The 1935 Hispano-Suiza J12 named Chrysis (knee naked logo). This glass logo by French jewelry designer Rene · Lalique build. Hispano-Suiza is a manufacturer of automotive and aero engines from Spain, the J12 has a 9.4 liter V12 engine, capable of output 220 horsepower, maximum speed of up to 185 per hour. It was the top of the price than Rolls-Royce but also high. However, Hispano-Suiza is still the most used the "stork" logo. This is a beacon to commemorate the war the French pilots Georges Guynemer led the squadron shot down 53 enemy aircraft, engines and weapon is Hispano-Suiza production of Georges Guynemer’s use of the fighter. The hands of one wheel of beauty is one of the United States Packard car logo. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s a simple ornament. Packard is a luxury car manufacturer in the United States, in 1899 produced the first car, in 1958 the company closed down, its status is equivalent to the U.S. version of Rolls-Royce. This is a variety of Packard used the beacon. This beacon using models is unknown, but it is very interesting, when the car is moving.相关的主题文章:

The use of kodiaq style exposure of the new Skoda Yeti information — car — pe-visualboyadvance

The use of Kodiaq style   exposure of the new Skoda Yeti information — car — original title: [original] using Kodiaq style exposure of the new Skoda Yeti information before the overseas media exposure of a group of new generation Skoda Yeti imaginary map. It is understood that the new Yeti design has been completed, the new car uses a number of Kodiaq style. According to previous reports, the car will be officially released in mid 2017. After reading the following points, this article read half: 1 new generation Yeti based on the MQB platform to build, and the public view sharing technology. 2 equipped with a variety of powertrain. 3 design using the Kodiaq design style. A new generation of Skoda Yeti will be based on the popular MQB platform to build, share technology and Volkswagen tiguan. In the shape of the design, the new car uses a number of Kodiaq style, including the front and rear lights, grille design language. Power, it is reported that a new generation of Skoda Yeti will be equipped with a variety of engines, including 1.0T three cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine and 1.6L diesel engine, 2.0L, DSG, dual clutch gearbox transmission system, and optional four-wheel drive system. In addition, the new car may also be equipped with 1.4L gasoline engine + motor hybrid models. The following pictures for cash Skoda Yeti     editor comments: Skoda Yeti has been launched in China for several years, but the initial import car identity and the high price hinder its development, although the subsequent launch of the domestic models, but sales still tepid. Personally think that there are a lot of reasons is not high in the domestic sales of Skoda Yeti, the shape too personality is one of the causes, also affects the spatial defects, a new generation of Skoda Yeti currently carried out on these issues, believe in the configuration and the power of the change will not let us down. (: Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

Farewell to the implication of Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 Shenzhen to shoot-adobe gamma

Farewell to the implication of Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 Shenzhen to shoot   the basic parameters of 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion edition MSRP $196 thousand and 700 manufacturer Dongfeng Peugeot SUV car body 1.6T 167 horsepower engine inline 4 cylinder gearbox 6 speed tiptronic transmission speed (km h) official 0-100 acceleration (s) – Official integrated fuel consumption (L) – integrated fuel consumption Ministry (L) 6.4 100 thousand km vehicle warranty of 3 years the body parameters of 2016 1.6THP automatic flow version of × long; wide × high (mm) 4435× 1840× 1652 wheelbase (mm) (mm) from the front wheel rear wheel 15311525 minimum distance from the ground mass (Kg (mm) (a) number of doors) seats (a) volume (L) trunk volume (L) engine parameters of 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion version of the engine structure of straight inlet form turbocharged direct injection fuel injection form the number of cylinders (a) each (a) the number of valve cylinder compression ratio of × – bore; stroke – engine specific CVVT continuously variable timing system exhaust (mL) maximum power [kw (PS) rpm] 123 (167) 6000 maximum torque (N.m RPM) 245 1400-4000 maximum power maximum torque of motor – motor – fuel type (Beijing No. 93 No. 92 the parameters of gasoline emission levels) of V transmission 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion version of the transmission type manual transmission gear steering chassis number 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion edition drive wheel drive front suspension type Mcpherson independent suspension type rear suspension trailing arm type independent suspension type hydraulic power steering wheel brake 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion version of the front brake disc brake disc type ventilation type parking brake type electronic front tire specifications 22550 R17 tire 22550 specifications of R17 tire specifications for non full size parameters of the running minimum turning 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion version of diameter – approach angle – the angle of departure by angle ramp angle – Maximum wading depth – active security configuration 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion Edition (ABS) – ABS braking force distribution (EBD CBC) – BA (auxiliary brake EBA BAS (ASR) – traction control TCS) – vehicle stability control (ESP DSC) – automatic parking uphill – assisted descent – active anti roll – and – road vehicle lane departure warning相关的主题文章:

The stars are openly selling flight information buy Fu Yuanhui sent Hu Ge (video)-brock lesnar

The stars are openly selling flight information: buy Fu Yuanhui sent Hu Ge [Abstract] Legal Evening News reporter, this star is in flight information reselling micro-blog search can It is quite common for random, dozens of reselling account are mostly found in the "Star flight + suffix" form. Star information is openly selling legal evening news, Sun Yang Fu Yuanhui ID number 40 yuan a 300 yuan, "I know the star mobile phone number, ID number, packed away". Legal Evening News reporter survey found that this star is in flight information reselling micro-blog search can It is quite common for random, dozens of reselling account are mostly found in the "Star flight + suffix" form. From the ordinary passengers inexplicably received flight cancellations, change the message, the flight information has been leaked to the star, who is the star of the "identity card + flight information leaked behind? Micro-blog openly selling Star flight information "Zhang Jike participated in a program on the plane to fly to Beijing, all the first-class cabin and business class tickets are all sasaeng fans (fans) buy light, they have no way, finally and staff into economy class, inside is very uncomfortable." Certified as "entertainment critic" netizens "Long Hu pong" a micro-blog forwarded more than 2 times, let the star reselling chain surfaced flight information. Legal Evening News reporter survey found that this star is in flight information reselling micro-blog search can It is quite common for random, dozens of reselling account are mostly found in the "Star flight + suffix" form. "Contact me," want to know XX, x x, x x flights fly "domestic and overseas flights, payment immediately after the recovery; can also buy their own ID number query, buy number send query method. Long term agent, the price is good to discuss!" This is one of the micro-blog sellers of advertising information. After the inquiry found that these stars are not the same flight quotes. For example, Sun Yang’s ID number, there are some companies offer 70 yuan, only 40 yuan; mobile phone number and the micro signal is generally more expensive, ranging in price between 70-150 yuan; a single flight information common market is 15-30 yuan. Specific prices, according to the size of celebrity fame, popularity is different. One seller said that the recent comparison of fire is the Olympic red star, to buy Fu Yuanhui certificate number can be added to send the Hu Ge certificate number, if you add 50 yuan, but also the TFBOYS of the document number of the package to send out Wang Junkai. These sellers in micro-blog long-term recruit agent, there are two kinds of agents: one is at a higher price for 300 yuan, packing away all star related information, including ID number, passport number, mobile phone number; another is to become the home, is the two agents, go out their propaganda. "I sell you at the lowest price, and how much money you sell is up to you." A micro-blog master said. 300 yuan will be able to rent "information query system" and "black screen", "civil aviation passenger reservation system (Eterm system), is Chinese civil aviation information Network Inc (hereinafter referred to as" TravelSky ") booking system development. As a result of the song相关的主题文章:

Closecall! Nikon 200-500 contrast horse 150-600-stanley博士的家2

Closecall! Nikon 200-500 Sigma 150-600 mentioned super telephoto lens, everyone’s mind must immediately emerge out of a variety of cannon figure, but the competition of the two lenses are not heavy weapons, at least for long time handheld shooting. Is the story of the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm f 5.6E ED VR and f 5-6.3 DG OS Sigma 150-600mm HSM | C, one is the original Nikon rookie, another is a good family praise light super telephoto lens, and both of them have what strengths! Specifications of Nikon 200-500mm f 5.6 and each one has its own merits Sigma 150-600mm f 5-6.3 C | two focal length of the lens aperture is not the same, Nikon 2.5x zoom capability, and Sigma provides 4x and telephoto reach 600mm, farther than Nikon’s 500mm. The aperture design uses Nikon f 5.6 constant, and sigma with floating aperture f 5-6.3, if you are on a telephoto end if the Nikon slightly wins. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm f 5.6E ED VR (left) and f 5-6.3 DG OS Sigma 150-600mm HSM C | side by side, visible Nikon lens body slightly longer zoom to the telephoto end, Nikon is still long one point two lenses are used 95mm filter size sigma lighter motor to two lenses can be seen side by side, Nikon 200-500mm f 5.6 Sigma 150-600mm f 5-6.3 C | slightly longer, the maximum diameter of two mirrors are similar, but generally hold the camera will put his hand on the zoom ring, which was thick with Nikon. Lift the lens also feel Nikon is obviously more weight, the difference between the two nearly 500g, a short time or no feeling, but for a long time under the shooting, Nikon 200-500mm f 5.6 easier to make home tired. The work has two lenses closecall, feel strong and durable, have dustproof and waterproof drop design. Two mirror body has a different mode of control, switching AF MF, focusing limit, anti shake switch, there are zoom lock lever. However, the horse can be in 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm locked, and Nikon only 200mm can lock. It is worth noting that the sigma zoom ring rotation direction is opposite with Nikon, used the original Nikkor lens users may temporarily not used. We use the AF two mirror tie D4s with the test on the flagship Multi-CAM 3500FX, the two lens AF the same speed, is expected, after all the maximum aperture to also have the blessing of ultrasonic motor. Manual focus Nikon from the recent 2.2m rotation to infinity is about 1!相关的主题文章: