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Palm reading science and technology Zhang Lingyun: Internet cultural enterprises should accelerate to go out – China Network November 16th to 18, the third world Internet Conference held in Zhejiang, china. As a representative of the rapid development of Internet culture in recent years, palm reading science and technology founder Zhang Lingyun made the digital reading of the Chinese culture in the global spread of the keynote speech. He said at the meeting, in the China market has enough experience and training of the Internet cultural enterprises should speed up the going out of Chinese culture, with brilliant first-class technology that we are competitive in any country in the world. Chinese culture going out enterprises should be the first session of the general assembly is to "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind, to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme, the cultural exchange is important, sub forum discussion. Among them, to promote Chinese culture to go out, we need to work together in all aspects, the Internet is an important responsibility for cultural enterprises. As the leading brand of China digital reading, palm reading has been optimized for 8 years, the cumulative users exceeded 600 million, there are 20 million users reading in the palm reading every day, from a technical scale have to go out of the conditions. In July 2015, palm reading will look to the overseas, began an overseas trip, Zhang Lingyun believe that China’s Internet technology and the charm of Chinese culture. Zhang Lingyun introduction, palm reading has been an international dream and determination. Palm reading was founded in eight years, Chinese Internet is booming, produced many Internet giants, but unfortunately, many Internet giants did not transfer the excellent culture China out, no one can obtain the user scale is relatively large in the cultural market overseas, or have a large market share in the in some countries. According to reports, through the efforts, palm reading is a Chinese culture overseas Chinese culture. At present, the reader reads the contents of the overseas Internet users download 2 million chapters of the Internet, the book of 50 thousand, the history of the classic works of the 50 thousand. Now, palm reading 300 thousand books provide Chinese content to overseas users, 50 thousand copies of English, tens of thousands of copies of Korean and Russian content. Palm reading founder Zhang Lingyun introduction, as a Chinese reading business, in the face of fierce competition from overseas local enterprises, able to quickly open the situation is not an overnight. First of all, in the process of domestic palm reading service hundreds of millions of users, accumulated international first-class digital reading technology, including fine typesetting production, reading engine development, copyright protection, fans of the social; secondly, there are a lot of palm reading by young readers of books, including publishing, network literature and comics, more down to earth, can quickly gather young Chinese readers. With a broad and innovative Chinese culture influence the world in the process of culture to go out, palm reading found that the copyright of digital library has two kinds of content is the most popular overseas users, are the excellent Chinese traditional culture and the Internet as China grew up in the network literature, the two part reflects the broad background China culture and innovation. Excellent Chinese traditional culture has been deeply loved by overseas chinese. In order to meet the needs of the global Chinese readers for digital reading of traditional culture, palm reading since 2014 set up a palm.相关的主题文章: