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Peking University professor of literature Chen Pingyuan: a life path depends on the Chinese Sohu culture channel Peking University professor Chen Pingyuan Chinese said "six" the book of literature education of Peking University professor Chen Pingyuan Chinese department concerned China literature education for 20 years, from the initial focus on university education to gradually pay attention to basic education, and written specifically for this book "six" this is Chen Pingyuan "literary education, the only one of the numerous works for the general public only on the education of literature books, published by Oriental press the book the day before. Oriental Morning Post: you began to pay attention to the topic of education in 1996, this year has been twenty years. "Six said literature education" this book should be said that the condensation of your more than 20 years of literary education. In fact, before you pay more attention to college education, and this book is related to the topic of basic education. So what is your original intention to return to basic education? Chen Pingyuan: the so-called twenty years, is that from 1996 onwards, I started to do new things North series, Peking University news, write the story of old Peking university. Starting from this place, pay attention to the problem of University history. So have I published the "five university". University, is my main research object. As a professor of literature, research university, the research of academic history, future footholds, may be on literature education, so I will have the first at the University published the "as the subject of literary history: method, literature education way and the state". As a literary history of the subject, this book is very thick, only professional people can read. This is my another idea: a few years ago I repeatedly said "little miss". I once wrote an article "Miss", "book" in 10 words about the book which tells a topic, and relatively simple language to the public to convey your knowledge, beliefs, and your passion. This is the book can be achieved. Relatively speaking, this book is the word 4489 professional researchers in reading. Therefore, about ten years ago, I wrote the "Miss" book "" later, she also made a little effort, like the "University" is little small words. Today, the "six" is a Book of literary education said. First, focus on education; second, focus on literature education; third, little miss; the three supporting me in this book of faith. "Six said literature education" which contains the University also contains the contents of primary and secondary schools. For the University, university history and inside the university literature education, Chinese teaching in primary school is not particularly good at my place, is not my main direction, professor senior professor Qian Liqun and Wen Rumin I, their investment in this area is far more than I did. But I admit that this is a big problem, the University of the problem, especially in today’s China, there are many problems in the University, and many problems in primary and secondary schools have been hidden. In this sense, I will extend my vision of research into the primary and secondary school language teaching, I do the following work. There are three chapters in this book to talk about this issue, even if it is a head. But the Chinese teaching in the middle school is not the same as that of the University, so I have to adjust my attitude.相关的主题文章: