Premier Costa put out the main goal of Chelsea 1-2 in Liverpool was the first negative-kamikaze love

Premier Costa put out the main goal of Chelsea 1-2 in Liverpool was the first home court negative Chelsea 1-2 against Liverpool sina sports news Beijing time at 03:00 on September 17th (UK local time 16 20:00), 201617 Premier League season fifth round of a focus of the war to compete in the Standford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea home court 1 2 lost to Liverpool, and Henderson has scored lovren Costa pulled one back. Chelsea for 2 consecutive years to the Liverpool home court. Chelsea nearly 4 seasons 10 and Liverpool only 1 games last season is negative, the remaining 9 games to the home court, 4 wins 5 flat. In the 48 history of the two sides in the history of the Premiership, Chelsea, a total of 19 wins, 11 draws and a slight loss of the upper hand, including the home of 14 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses. History of the two teams clash 174 games, after Liverpool’s 75 wins, 38 draws and 61 losses dominate. Chelsea replaces Terry’s first injury with only the replacement of the first round of the game with the replacement of the first round of the injured. Liverpool striker Firmino injured, Coutinho returned to the lineup and lovren. The opening is only 2 minutes, horse pass, Sturridge restricted area before the shot was nearly Courtois save after leaking into the door. Liverpool began to dominate in a stalemate, Lallana and Sturridge shot from outside were blocked, Henderson clipped the bar corner melee perimeter shot higher. Liverpool took the lead on seventeenth minutes, Coutinho pass in the left offside lovren small edge of the area the first time Dianshe volley nets. Then Sturidge small angle shot sliding door. Matic and Lewis’s shot was blocked, Kanter hit long-range flying. William left free kick, Lewis’s header was easy to get mignolet. Liverpool thirty-sixth minutes to expand the score, Henderson yards into the upper right corner of the, 2-0. The Standford bridge fell silent, Lewis corner melee attempted header. Ivanovic corner melee header also lack sufficient threat. William before the end of the court was fined yellow card warning. Chelsea continued pressure in the second half, Coutinho’s perimeter shot was blocked by the Cahill. A Zal pass, Kanter restricted area on the right side of the shot is also out of the far corner. Replace origgi Sturridge played. Chelsea sixty-first minutes after Matic pulled one back, straight after the left side of the penalty area xiadichuanzhong, Diego – Costa before the close point Dianshe break, 1-2. Chelsea (4-1-4-1:13-) Courtois; Ivanovic 2-, 24- Cahill, 30- Lewis, 28- Azpilicueta; 7- Kanter; 22- William, 8- Oscar, 21- Matic, 10-, Zal; 19- Diego Costa of Liverpool (4-2-3-1):22- Mineo Eli; 2- Klein, 32- Matip, 6- lovren, 7- Milner; 14- Henderson, 5- Wijnaldum; 20- 10- 19- La Lana, Coutinho, MANET; 15- Sturidge (57′, 27- origgi)相关的主题文章: