Put on an artificial heart, and then play table tennis with the robot-winpm

With an artificial heart, and then go to the table tennis robot mechanical Google parent company test UAV delivery recently, the technology giant Alphabet company Project Wing project and the fast-food chain Chipotle carried out experiments of cooperation projects, they plan in the next few weeks, at the Virginia Tech to provide UAV delivery volume of Mexico service. This hybrid UAV will fly to Chipotle set the food loaded freight distribution center (instead of a particular Chipotle chain store), then circled above the crowd, when someone orders, they will use the rope to put food. In this process, the R & D team can detect UAV navigation system accuracy. In addition, researchers on how to improve through the packaging, in the process of transportation of food insulation. Japanese table tennis robot R & D company Tokyo time on September 8th, the Omron Corporation of Japan announced on its official website, the company can undertake continuously playing table tennis with the human robot "Forpheus" was recognized by Guinness world records as the world’s first "table tennis coach robot". The robot looks very tough, a bit like "octopus", much higher than people. The robot on both sides of the installation of the camera, used to predict the trajectory, table tennis includes: speed, rotation speed, rotation direction of several data to calculate their racket to what point should make the point at which the error back, just a few centimeters. As a basic quality of the coach, it is necessary to learn to properly "water" approach to improve the enthusiasm of the students. Track Forpheus will record player, and choose to let the opponent easily hit the way back to the ball, the ball back to the Forpheus moment in the table shows the placement of the ball, so the water is full of love for the students. Future artificial heart will become a reality? Recently, the French company Carmat announced the creation of second artificial heart products, is expected to be born in 2017, and intends to pass the relevant departments of the European license. Unlike other artificial heart, Carmat is to build a permanent artificial heart, save those advanced heart disease patients with heart failure, instead has the heart, rather than as a bypass equipment, assist in heart transplant patients following. Carmat has been focused on the artificial heart for 15 years, its artificial heart can completely replace the human heart, save those patients with advanced heart disease, as well as less than two weeks of life. The Carmat artificial heart is made up of biomaterials, which do not require the use of immunosuppressive drugs, and the most faithful to mimic the body’s original heart. Unlike the previously used short-term ventricular assist pump, the Carmat artificial heart is dedicated to "settling" in patients. Only to provide power to the heart of the battery in vitro, its endurance capacity of 2.相关的主题文章: