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Quasi daddy to advance the practice? Wallace Huo suspected approached father 4 – People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s network recently, Wallace Huo went to Changsha to record happy camp, during which there are friends broke out a low-key appearance of mango platform photos. From the photo, the old cadres should be in a hurry to depart not like to visit, a special trip to visit. Lenovo recently mango TV dad 4 start the news, the veteran’s trip is likely to contact the program. And the heart, such as after the marriage, Wallace Huo continue to low-key style. His character is very little, Wallace Huo also participated in the variety show recorded in the mainland in recent years seems to have only participated in the "happy camp", "every day" and other programs, but it also shows that the mango subtle fate. Now, he and the heart, such as the baby is born, it is indeed the father of 4, intern dad, an excellent candidate. But it is reported that Wallace Huo has recently invested with Xun Zhou "such as the Yi biography" be in full swing photography, photos from the exposure he a head dress can also be confirmed, therefore, the old cadres should spare time to complete recording of "4" is the possibility of my father. However, as before William Chan could join "4" as the father, Wallace Huo to play, "passerby" guest of the way to participate in the program is not possible. After all, in order to let the heart at home, such as at home, old cadres will be forced to make milk money. Besides, BABY was born, "Wallace Huo is a good father of the people went everywhere, netizens carefully collected photos of China hold her brother on weekdays, whether it is drama, the face of spoiled and tender just to let all woman hate not when his baby. But Xiaobian had also seen in the background of old cadres make baby gentle and lively manner, with the usual low-key introverted style is not the same, see that he is really love children. Now, the old cadres can finally and heart such as happily waiting for their baby was born, in the world are also looking forward to their wishes and high Yan Zhimeng EVA, estimated after birth status comparable to China version of "seven", it now shows the various media, have been eager for a fight. If China really go to the "brother 4" Dad and adorable baby registration activities will be estimated as a small baby crush. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: