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Quzhou farmers to build new houses can be built? How to manage and control? Farmers building is a hot topic. Recently, the Quzhou municipal government issued "on the reconstruction of Quzhou city urban planning control area the building control system a number of opinions to promote the transfer of farmers agglomeration" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), made a full deployment. "Opinions" since December 15, 2016. "Opinions" put forward, the classification for the building of the scientific division of control: ban construction area, construction area and construction area to allow the limit, according to the new land, rebuilding, site expansion, repairing dilapidated four, the implementation of classification management. To explore the reform of the "one family one house" rural housing security model to the "home ownership" transformation. Transfer of residential areas of the apartment apartment in principle to sell at cost. "Opinions" specific provisions? Take a look at the four principles: first, adhere to the people-oriented, respect for the wishes of farmers. (two) adhere to cluster oriented, optimize the spatial layout. (three) adhere to scientific management, classification management. (four) adhere to the comprehensive support, urban integration. Optimization of farmers transfer agglomeration spatial layout in accordance with the construction requirements of the global ecological function areas, guide the city planning control area outside the transfer of farmers to urban, town center gathering in the space layout. Full consideration of the actual needs of farmers living, clear focus on different regional agglomeration. Center city to center city as farmers shift the focus of regional agglomeration, planning control area construction site several farmers in the area of city agglomeration, take the apartment resettlement way, concentrated in the absence of real city ban the construction area consistent with building conditions, in line with the conditions of farmers out of poverty down relocation, voluntarily withdraw from the homestead farmers etc.. The town center to the town center to cultivate agglomeration combined transfer and farmers, a number of central town in Qujiang District, Kecheng district construction site were farmers transfer gathering area, the real object is no agglomeration in their respective regions in line with housing conditions, households out of poverty down relocation households and voluntarily withdraw from the homestead farmers. The resettlement mode can be an apartment arrangement or a joint arrangement. Qujiang Kecheng District, according to the needs of modern agriculture, leisure and tourism development in the contiguous development of regional planning and construction of a moderate scale of farmers transfer gathering area. Site selection and construction projects submitted by the municipal government agreed to be responsible for the implementation of the two areas. The implementation of the classification of farmers in the control of urban construction in the urban areas to promote a multi pilot, delineation of the three districts and three lines on the basis of the implementation of the district planning and control of urban planning area farmers housing. Division of the forbidden area of science, the construction zone and allow the construction area of 1 to prohibit the construction area, divided into a block of the forbidden area and the construction of linear ban. Block forbidden area: the city’s drinking water source protection zone, the core area of scenic areas, nature reserves, the core area of the national Forest Park, the core area of 3A or more scenic spots, geological hazards. Linear ban built District: in addition to concentrated settlements outside the block landscape, unsightly, along the coastal areas. 2 limit the construction area, which means that the construction area and the area outside of the construction area are prohibited. 3 allow the construction area, the planning and approval of farmers to build housing and resettlement housing area of farmers. In principle, should be in the township, distribution center village and rural contiguous development to encourage population agglomeration area.相关的主题文章: