Quzhou personal credit records can be self inquiry 2 times per year free printing-660003

Quzhou personal credit records can be self inquiry 2 times a year for free printing, the original personal credit records can be found through self inquiry machine, really convenient!" Recently, Mr. Wang Quzhou people’s Bank of China in Quzhou city center on the first floor of the lobby of the personal credit record of the self inquiry machine to get a personal credit report. The reporter learned that, in addition to Longyou, Quzhou counties (cities) of the people’s Bank of China within the service hall to use the personal credit records of self check machines, convenient and personal credit investors query. People only need to bring the ID card can be found to personal credit information, but also 2 times a year to print personal credit report. In the personal credit records of self check machine, the reporter saw, the personal valid identity card is placed in the credit records of self check machine of the two generation ID card ", then the face image system collects the query, the query machine will automatically add" photos "and" photos "for comparison. After the success of the page prompts the user to enter the phone number, click the button to confirm the agreement. According to the personal needs of the query to select the query format (you can choose a simple version or detailed version), the system will automatically print out the personal credit report. The whole process less than a minute, the number of accounts, the number of outstanding accounts and overdue accounts will be clearly displayed in the personal credit report. Staff introduction, self-service query than the counter to improve the efficiency of manual operation, reducing the difficulty of providing a copy of the ID card, and fill in the personal information and other relevant information. Need to remind you that we must not use query degaussing the valid identity card, in face recognition authentication this link, to remove the glasses.相关的主题文章: