Sanitation workers knocked down by the driver after the rainy night escape under pressure to surrend-boee

Sanitation workers knocked down by the driver after the rainy night escape under pressure to surrender (Figure) – Beijing, the driver took the moment of the accident to identify the scene monitoring under the (red circle) Sichuan Zigong news network November 1st news (reporter Li Zhi Xu Zhaolei photo coverage) on October 27th. The accident occurred in gongjingou Zigong, a motorcycle will be the 61 year old sanitation workers Ryu knocked to the ground after the escape. Injured in the accident of sanitation workers due to injury, and was sent to the hospital intensive care unit for treatment. In order to identify the driver, many users have posted solidarity". Gongjing police department through careful investigation, eventually locked the driver Deng moumou. Under pressure from all sides, Deng Moumou today to Gongjing Police Brigade surrender. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Rainy night, motorcycle knocked down the sanitation workers to escape after the evening of October 27th, with the arrival of the cold air from the north, the city of Zigong in the rain, the temperature dropped. At 11 pm, in the long avenue Gongjing District of Zigong City, the sanitation workers are cleaning Liu road. All of a sudden, a two wheeled motorcycle along the long march through the intersection of the road quickly, straight to the side of the road will be knocked down to the ground. Subsequently, the motorcycle driver and Liu two people remain unconscious on the ground. Near the junction of the surveillance camera recorded the whole process of the accident. According to the surveillance video display: in the ground collapsed for about half an hour, the driver climbed up from the ground, and then go back to the car, after the traffic lights left the scene. Later, people around quickly call the 120 emergency phone called the ambulance, the injured sanitation workers sent to Zigong Third People’s Hospital for treatment, after the masses dialed 110. It is understood that the injured Liu Moumou 61 years old, divorced, have a son and a daughter, his son died two years ago in a car accident. Currently, he is still receiving treatment in the hospital intensive care unit. To find the perpetrators under pressure to surrender: when we arrived on the scene, the injured and the vehicles are not in." According to the handling of the relevant police Gongjing Police Brigade, October 27th night of the incident, the police alarm rushed to the scene, the ground only left a top cap and a part of the work of sanitation workers. By visiting that the injured have been sent to the hospital, and the driver was in the event of escape. Escape on a rainy night hit the sanitation workers, the driver’s behavior caused many users indignation. There are users seeking to find the perpetrators of the accident by the local network forum in Zigong, causing a greater response on the network, many enthusiastic netizens have solidarity. At the same time, also pay close attention to the traffic police Gongjing driver for escape. According to Gongjing District Traffic Police Brigade responsible person, after receiving the alarm, one sent to the hospital to find the injured side, the inventory sent personnel to the scene and the surrounding of the video monitoring. Finally, we found the injured in the three hospital emergency room Liu Moumou, but he is still in a coma, can not provide clues about the incident." Therefore, the police can only rely on the regulation of surveillance video, looking for the perpetrators of the basic appearance features. In the preliminary master case and car accident face clear photos after the traffic police issued 50 copies of "through investigation.相关的主题文章: