Shanxi scenic passenger flow reduction, long term tourists return safety attention-yvette yates

Shanxi scenic area traffic reduced long-term visitors return Caution! 36 key scenic spot ticket revenue 26 million 335 thousand and 400 yuan in October 6th, the National Day holiday sixth days, most of the province’s rainy weather. The National Day holiday is drawing to a close, and the tourists in the middle and long lines are coming back, and the traffic volume is decreasing. More tourists choose the surrounding areas of tourism, parent-child play, rural leisure, cultural experience, fitness and fitness is a holiday hot spot in the future. The 36 key scenic spots in the province received 733 thousand visitors, achieving 26 million 335 thousand and 400 yuan tourism ticket revenue. During the national day, the "friendly Shandong" and "Jinshan Jinmei" combination, "eight springs gorge tourist train into Taihang Mountain, the Grand Canyon, 10 more than 400 attractions in the landscape on the cliffs, waterfalls, dense clouds at Wisteria swaying, aerial ropeway, sightseeing elevator, luxury cruise and so attractive, from Shandong tourists enjoy the view and romantic charm of the grand canyon. The Provincial Tourism Bureau to remind the tourists especially ZiJiaYou tourists, long into the end return a substantial increase in the number of road congestion, enhance the possibility, should always pay attention to travel safety. As of the day of 16, the Provincial Tourism Bureau has not received major tourism safety accident report; received a travel advisory telephone 33, received 2 complaints from the 1 tourism, has been dealing with the end of 1, is the implementation of. (reporter Meng Ting) source: Shanxi daily

山西景区客流减少 长线游客返程注意安全   36个重点景区门票收入2633.54万元   10月6日,国庆假期第六天,全省大部为阴雨天气。国庆长假渐进尾声,中长线游客陆续进入返程,景区流量趋于下降。游客更多选择周边地区游览观光,亲子游玩、乡村休闲、文化体验、康体健身是假日后期的旅游热点。全省36个重点景区共接待游客73.3万人次,实现旅游门票收入2633.54万元。   国庆期间,“好客山东”和“晋善晋美”强强联合,“八泉峡”旅游专列号开进太行山大峡谷,10大景点400余处景观中,危崖绝壁上飞瀑流泉,云雾氤氲处藤萝摇曳,高空索道、观光电梯、豪华游船等极具吸引力,来自山东的游客多角度领略了大峡谷的风骨与神韵。   省旅游局提醒广大游客特别是自驾游游客,长假进入尾声返程人数大幅增加,路上拥堵可能性增强,要时刻注意旅行安全。截至当日16时,省旅游局未接到旅游重大安全事故报告;接到旅游咨询电话33个,接到旅游投诉2起,1起已处理完结,1起正在落实中。(记者 孟婷)   来源:山西日报相关的主题文章: