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Sheng Yun Tan house hot autumn phenomenon: hot city prices have begun to drop the news office of the State Council on September 13th (Tuesday) morning at 10 in the State Council Information Office press room held a press conference, please state statistical bureau spokesman, the Comprehensive Economic Statistics Division Sheng Laiyun introduced the August national economic operation in 2016, and a reporter asked. Sheng Yun said that the real estate inventory effect is very obvious. On housing prices, on the one hand, the first tier cities and a few hot cities housing prices began to fall. On the other hand, the pattern of differentiation and adjustment is more obvious. Following record: Beijing TV reporter: recent data see, real estate sale area continued to decrease, whether can explain the current destocking effect is very obvious, the summer has passed, the price of the "hot autumn" mode is still open, can you comment on the city housing prices continued to rise? Sheng Yun: first of all, I agree with you. Now go to inventory, especially real estate inventory effect is very obvious at the end of 8, 5 million 120 thousand square meters of less than 7 at the end of commercial housing sale area, including residential 6 million 390 thousand square meters to reduce more, reduce the residential area for sale. The reason why there is a gap between the two data is because commercial housing for sale area increased. The rise in real estate prices is mainly residential prices more, sales better, so conducive to inventory, data has positive changes. From the total perspective, the 6 consecutive month this year, commercial housing inventory decline, I have just mentioned a data, the 6 consecutive month of commercial housing sale area reduced, the cumulative reduction of 30 million square meters. From this point of view, destocking results are more obvious. A real problem, just I have actually talked about, there are two characteristics, is characterized by a large increase in the fall, especially early gains relatively fast some first-tier cities and some second tier hot city, at present in some credit limit restriction policy, and pre concentrated consumption potential release of a number of housing demand and under the action of these factors, first-tier cities and a few hot city house prices began to fall. Another feature, I just talked about, the pattern of differentiation and adjustment is more obvious. The first tier cities like Beijing, although the housing price tends to stabilize in the future, the internal structural differentiation will also be shown in some way. For example, the city center and remote areas, parks and non parks near, large Huxing and small Huxing prices will be different. Which is a process of market structure optimization, differentiation and adjustment to eliminate not only need some of the market, increase the number of high-quality commercial housing supply, to improve the living conditions of residents. In addition, this differentiation adjustment is the market competition, the competition in the market, providing high-quality housing, providing better services, improve and enhance the quality of life. At present, first-tier cities and hot city launched a market regulation policy more, take some new measures, such as increasing the supply of land, which is conducive to the improvement of a period in the future of city commercial housing supply, real estate regulation measures are more and more scientific theory

盛来运谈房价秋老虎现象:热点城市涨幅已开始回落   国务院新闻办公室于9月13日(星期二)上午10时在国务院新闻办新闻发布厅举行新闻发布会,请国家统计局新闻发言人、国民经济综合统计司司长盛来运介绍2016年8月份国民经济运行情况,并答记者问。盛来运表示,房地产去库存成效非常明显。关于房价问题,一方面,一线城市和少数热点城市的房价涨幅开始回落。另一方面,分化调整的格局比较明显。   以下为实录:   北京电视台记者:   最近数据看到,商品房待售面积持续减少,是否能够说明目前去库存效果挺明显,夏天已经过去了,房价“秋老虎”的模式仍然开启当中,能不能点评一下城市房价持续上涨的情况?   盛来运:   首先我同意你的看法。现在去库存,尤其房地产去库存成效还是非常明显,8月末比7月末商品房待售面积减少了512万平方米,其中住宅减少得更多,住宅待售面积减少639万平方米。之所以两个数据有差距,是因为商业营业用房待售面积有所增加。这次房地产上涨主要是住宅价格上涨比较多,销售比较好,所以有利于去库存,数据有积极变化。从累计角度来讲,今年以来连续6个月商品房库存在下降,刚才我也讲到一个数据,连续6个月商品房待售面积减少,累计减少3000万平方米左右。从这个角度来讲,去库存成效是比较明显的。   关于房价的问题,刚才实际上我已经谈到了,有两大特点,一大特点是涨幅在回落,尤其是前期涨势比较快的一些一线城市和部分二线热点城市,目前在一些限购限贷政策的作用下,以及前期消费潜力集中释放了一批购房需求,在这些因素共同作用下,一线城市和少数热点城市的房价涨幅开始回落。   另外一个特点,刚才我也谈到了,分化调整的格局比较明显。像北京这样的一线城市,尽管将来总体上房价涨幅趋于稳定,但是内部的结构性分化也会以某种方式表现出来。比如城市中心区和边远地区、公园附近和非公园附近、大户型和小户型的房价,就会有差异。这也是市场内部结构优化的一个过程,只有分化和调整才能淘汰一些市场不需要的,增加一些优质商品房的供应,来持续改善居民的居住条件。另外,这种分化调整也是市场竞争的表现,通过这种市场竞争,提供高品质的商品房,提供更好的服务,改善和提升生活质量。目前一线城市和热点城市推出了更多的市场化调控政策,采取了一些新的做法,比如加大土地的供应量,这有利于改善今后一个时期城市商品房的供应,房地产调控措施也越来越科学。谢谢你! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: