Shenyang subway black three police seized 126 Taiwan together one day (video)

Shenyang subway black three police seized 126 days together Video: Shenyang subway station is short bus end point black three Jianfengchazhen since November 18th in the afternoon, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau for black three concentrated rectification actions carried out within the city, there are a lot of people to the traffic control department to reflect the serious aggregation in the suburbs of Shenyang the subway, near the University City Black three. Yesterday afternoon, Shenyang traffic control department for black three all kinds of illegal content, especially the normal driving of black three illegal on the road and illegal passenger operation behavior, police organization consisting of more than 10 remediation group, remediation in sandy areas gathered moral Fort white area and the area, the development area, road area etc. "black three". During the operation, the traffic police brigade, traffic law enforcement coordination territorial departments involved in the action of traffic violations all resolutely punished according to law; the undocumented unlicensed vehicles, should be detained; the illegal operation, the transfer of illegal transportation departments; tricycle installed power device, unauthorized modification, all compulsory demolition. At 2:30 in the afternoon, the traffic police brigade in the near North Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics subway cars seized a total of 8 illegal operation black three, the vehicle was seized were carried to the wrecker, these vehicles will be withheld at the parking lot, suspected of illegal operations will also be transferred to Department of transportation for further processing." Police, many black three drivers in the car with a gas tank or a coal stove, once the accident, the personnel on the car is easy to burn, the fire may also occur. There are a lot of cars in order to keep warm, are stuck in the cracks on the wind, so close inside closed, once the gas poisoning, the health and safety of passengers can not be guaranteed." A woman driving a red tricycle was intercepted by the police, the woman took out the certificate of disability and vehicle operating procedures, I have all the documents". The woman told reporters that their usual pull are basically from the subway to the nearby university students, "this car is a lot cheaper than a taxi, the woman pointed to the width of the back seat said," behind a squeeze can sit three people, sitting in front of a man, with the taxi installed, so all the students sit tricycle". Yesterday, the police detained the black three 126 Taiwan, the traffic violations black three shall be punished according to the ceiling, to found the illegal operation black three clues all turn territorial transportation departments, the modification of the black three without scaffolding will be forced to dismantle and confiscated. Police remind the public, should take the normal, there is a legitimate operating procedures of the taxi, and not to take advantage of this cheap car ride.相关的主题文章: