Since November 1st, Jiangsu has not been part of the real name of the user to suspend communications shiyang

November 1st Jiangsu not to suspend part of real user communication services of Modern Express News (reporter He Yueyi Xu Hongyan) mobile phone number is not the real name registration to note, since November 1st, is not the Internet, send text messages and phone calls. Today, the modern express reporter learned from the three operators in Jiangsu Province, the province still has a number of phone numbers have not yet made a real name registration of the 2 million 750 thousand. In accordance with the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Communications Authority, from November 1st onwards, these numbers will be suspended in accordance with the law part of the communication services. December 1st, the phone number has not yet registered real name will stop. Be careful! November 1st non real name users to suspend some communication services during the suspended part of the communication service, not the Internet, send text messages and phone calls, only answer the phone and receive text messages, you can call the fire, police, medical emergency, traffic accident alarm and emergency telephone. More importantly, since December 1st, the number of real name registration has not yet been completed in accordance with the law to stop all communication services. There are 18 days from the implementation of this measure is for the telephone, fixed telephone network procedures, but not for the real identity registration or registration information is not complete yet real name registration supplement users must be careful, as well as soon as possible to the various operators operating room procedures for certification of real name, if you have any questions or special circumstances you can call the operator telephone consultation service. At the same time, can not provide valid original identity documents for inspection and registration of new users, operators will not provide the corresponding mobile phone and fixed phone network procedures and other services. Following the three operators real name registration: Jiangsu Mobile: 17 thousand people a day to fill the registration of China Mobile Jiangsu company official said that since the July 22nd release of the latest announcement, has to inform the customer more than nearly 6 million people, the daily average of 17 thousand customers real name registration, the remaining non real name users 1 million 600 thousand. To apply for the real name registration of users, supervise by SMS, call, website, the number of public channel. "Until now, SMS has mass 5 million 220 thousand times, 350 thousand times the customer call." The source said, in order to ensure the witness one, by technical means to limit, Jiangsu mobile customers are invited to the operating room for real name registration work, I need to carry valid identity documents, the original mobile phone card and password. If there are special circumstances, you can call 10086 for consultation. " Jiangsu Telecom: the completion of the registration of 3 million 800 thousand people from the beginning of last year to fill up the work, the cumulative number of notifications more than 5 million times, of which the user is repeatedly repeated notice." China Telecom Jiangsu company official said, since last year to complete the registration 3 million 800 thousand. Up to now, non real name users about 320 thousand. Jiangsu Telecom through SMS, telephone, Internet and other channels to inform the user not for real name registration, SMS notification about 3 million 500 thousand times, about 1 million 500 thousand times to call. The user needs to fill the registration card number information, as well as the original legal and valid documents to the telecom business office for registration, you can consult 10000. For non real name unit users, you need to carry legitimate units.相关的主题文章: