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Home-Appliances If you need a cat flap, whether youre installing one for the first time or replacing an existing one, it’s well worth .paring all the options rather than going with the first model that your local pet shop sells. Youll find a vast array of cat flaps available, in a whole host of different shapes and colours, but the truth is: some are extremely superior to others. Some offer little to no protection for your cat, are draughty, allow neighbouring cats to .e in and eat your cats food and frankly; offer no more than a gaping hole in your door would ac.plish. On the flip side, some are a godsend. Heres a brief guide to choosing the best one: It Should Be Durable: Obviously you want your cat flap to stand the test of time. Unfortunately though, so many of the models (especially those manufactured in the far east) just dont live up to expectations. Theyre flimsy, and all it takes is few knocks from your neighbours cat – or the snout of a dog perhaps – to snap the flap from its hinges. Thats bad, and it can be avoided by simply buying a higher quality model. It Should Be Easy To Install: Another thing youll want to consider is how easy the device is to incorporate into your door. Some will have you pulling your hair out before youve even attempted to fit them. Again, ensure the model of cat flap you choose is simple to install. It Should Only Let Your Cat In: Finally, and this is the most important point of all: get a cat flap that only allows your cat in. For some people, having their neighbours cats .e and eat all of their cats food is a big problem. Does this happen in your house? You may not even be aware! The fact is though, its highly likely and if its happening in your house then youre wasting a lot of money by feeding all the cats on your street! Not to mention your cat could be missing out on vital nutrients. Overall, these may seem like obvious factors when considering a cat flap, but very few cat flaps deliver on the above criteria effectively. For example, some cat flaps rely on a collar that your cat wears that only opens the flap when they are present, thus shutting out any other cat than yours. However, what happens when your neighbouring cats wear a similar sort of collar? Or if the battery runs out, leaving your kitty in the cold and rain? Fortunately, a model of cat flap exists that solves this problem and meets the above criteria perfectly, its actually rather astounding. Its called the Pet Porte Smart Flap . It unlocks for your cat only by reading the cat ID chip that they already have! Problem solved! Available from Microchip Cat Flaps in the UK. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: