Statistics of female employees holiday time holiday week work for 2 hours in advance

Female employee holiday time period company statistics weeks notice issued under the company work for 2 hours. The figure for users in September 19th, the network transmission Zhengzhou a cross-border trade statistics company female employees a period of time, the company responsible for the personnel manager Jia Wenjing response upstream News – Chongqing morning news statistics, the purpose is to give female employees better welfare, can work for 2 hours in advance of the menstrual period. On the evening of September 18th, friends @ stay up all night in 663 micro-blog broke the news that she was in Zhengzhou, a company, the same day made a wonderful decision: statistical female employees big aunt time. Micro-blog broke with the picture, the company human resources administrative department on 18 of all female employees issued an official document, please register as early as female employees this month period of time, the work of the day submitted. The document in the table below, holiday time information department reported the number of female employees for human resources department, network department, financial department, planning department etc.. "This is why, I came to work, but I do not sell myself to you, too much possession!" Stay up all night cat 663 micro-blog is full of puzzled and questioned. This micro-blog soon attracted the attention of the local information bloggers, after a quick transfer of hot friends. There are users Tucao no lower limit, that the move has violated the privacy of female employees suspect, there are friends that the move may be to allow women to enjoy the benefits of vacation and so on. 19 am, @ stay up all night to tell the upper reaches of the cat News – Chongqing morning news reporter, she had made micro-blog Tucao, Zhengzhou is a cross-border trading company operating wine, where she did the clerk. Because it is a new start-up team, mainly young people, so including her female employees 18 days to hear the statistical period of time, feel feel shy and could not understand, because of personal privacy. "But the company usually care about the staff is also very good, so do not think so much, they are filled with." The cat said 663 @ night, on the morning of 19 also listen to other colleagues, probably like replies netizens speculated that the statistical time is considered as false female employee benefits. 19 at noon, Zhengzhou, the cross-border trade company’s human resources management department, Jia Wenjing responded to the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter confirmed that this is indeed the case. She said the move was in a company with a deputy chief executive of the Ministry of human resources after the specific implementation of the statistics, the purpose is to provide better benefits to female employees. Our company is located in Zhengzhou air port, to implement the staff "Baochibaozhu," the statistics, one is to let the company canteen in the female employees of your menstrual cycle to give them better food, provide steak, beef, boiled red dates soup and so on." Jia Wenjing said. Welfare is also reflected in the attendance system. Jia Wenjing said that the female employees in the menstrual period can also work for 2 hours in advance. As mentioned in recent years, gradually referred to the dysmenorrhea fake, but also in the company’s next step in the welfare plan, or in accordance with the actual situation arrangements. As for more details, Jia Wenjing said that due to the limitations of duty can not disclose more. However, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter noted that the company vice president in response to the matter in Henan local media rain相关的主题文章: