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Web-Design Photoshop refers to graphical editing system developed by Adobe Systems. PSD is the native file format of Adobe Photoshop. Web designers design web templates in layers form and they save into PSD format. These are the actual design files prepared by web designers. Though these files are meant to be put on websites. But still they lack usability till the time these designs get converted into HTML/XHTML code. PSD files can be big difficult task to deal with. HTML/XHTML coding has to be performed with due care as the website evaluation is done on the basis of XHTML usability. Earlier when the XHTML coding did not exist web designers have their own way of coding the web templates. They used to make the table of designs and code them. Most of the people do not have Adobe Photoshop. Others start making their image editing software .patible with PSD files. PSD files are saved in layers. The files are opened in a .patible software and then the images are sliced and modified them to suit the theme of HTML designed template. The resulting modified file can be saved into JPEG, or other .patible format. This end product can be put into use for a website. It is all about how well you can play with the software to get your work done efficiently and effectively. However what ever is, the task is really cumbersome and time consuming. Now with the emergence of PSD to HTML converters, things can be done easily and the quality is ofcourse enhanced. There are so many service providers which can do this for you. As, these are professionals so that the coding is quite valid and cross browser .patible. These conversion providers follow very basic work flow process. They accept source files of .mon formats like PSD,JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, AI, ZIP, RAR, PDF etc. There are so many service providers which perform the task in 8 hours or hardly 1 business day. The process of conversion is quite fast. There are few important issues to be kept in mind before accepting the mark up projects that the code is W3C .pliant, cross browser .patible, semantic and hand coded. All these issues need to be ensured before making your website live on Internet. This enhances the web site visibility and will make the user experience better. Also to ensure the smooth crawling by the spiders, the conversion service providers use such a logical HTML coding ultimately making the design into highly search engine optimized. After this whole process, the website alive. Though all the service providers .mit to deliver quality in the standard turnaround time but only few of them actually do so. So, carefully examine all the service providers and then select the best for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: