Suzhou recruits over 60% college students rushed to the motherland (video) kaya scodelario

Suzhou nationality recruits over 60% students across the country to Suzhou train station gathered thousands of recruits, recruits from Suzhou to all over the country, to make contributions in the barracks, become new power, protect our homes and defend our country defense. According to reports, the proportion of college students in Suzhou this year, more than 60% recruits. Suzhou focus on the first day of delivery. In the military field to send the Suzhou Railway Station, waiting for departure from Suzhou recruits, Xiongpei safflower, dressed in camouflage uniforms of all arms, one radiant, there have been many soldiers "in fine fig". From the streets of Fengmen Suzhou District Hu Caicong 19 years old this year, is a freshman in a college in Shanghai. For his toubicongrong, little nonsense: "the army is a lot of blood man dreams, my uncle had been a soldier. When the soldiers, is not the same, there is a man’s temperament, I also think of the barracks to exercise their own." According to the recruitment office staff, in recent years, the high degree of Suzhou city youth to join the army of enthusiasm, the proportion of college students has been relatively high, last year the Suzhou nationality recruits college students, more than 58% this year, the proportion of college students is reached 63%. Suzhou Municipal Committee, Suzhou military commander Yang Jin, deputy mayor Sheng Lei to boot off. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original recruits into the camp on the first day we eat home meal相关的主题文章: