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Tang Shifei: the task of courage to play   in the shoulder; work for success — Guizhou channel — people.com.cn Tang Shifei, after graduating from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, rooted in Guizhou power transmission and substation engineering company for 19 years. He has participated in the construction of a 220 thousand volt Shuiwei II loop, 500 thousand volts, 500 thousand volt line Guifu green line, 500 thousand volt line thirty thousand, 500 thousand dog days wide four loop, 750 thousand volt lampin line transmission line construction, served as a technician, the construction team leader, construction project director, project manager, is now in Yunnan northwest of Guangdong ± 800 thousand volts high voltage DC transmission project 10 project manager. He has won the honorary title of "advanced production safety person" and "advanced production worker" of Guizhou Power Grid Corp. In engineering construction, he is diligent, intensive and meticulous farming as a force, with their company project management. Today, under his leadership, Northwest Yunnan to Guangdong ± 800 thousand volts HVDC project marked as the benchmark and the window of the whole line, and constantly bring honor to the company. One of the players to tackle tough in the project, whether encountered technical difficulties or bad environment, Tang Shifei are Buweijianxian, go ahead. He was responsible for the 500 thousand volt line reconstruction project construction environment is poor, the task is difficult, the task of the project is tight, heavy task, high risk, the more cross the eight. Among them, across the line down the Shanghai Kunming electrified railway, highway 1 times, 2 times, 220 thousand times, 110 thousand kV Line 2 kV Line 3, 35 thousand volt line 5 times, large and small spans about 200 times, plus the mountain terrain and a long time of the rainy weather, the construction was blocked. In watching the weather forecast at the same time, the project department increase manpower investment, formulate related plans, optimization and adjustment of construction plan, complete the rainproof anti-skid and other safety measures, to ensure the safety of the rush period, at the same time, to ensure the production schedule. All the power lines are charged across the engineering construction, Tang Shifei compiled the "hanging pulley charged lines across the measures" new technology scheme according to the actual situation, the technology has the characteristics of safety, low cost, is the company in the 500 thousand volt line project for the first use of the construction of the line. The northwest of Yunnan Province to Guangdong ± 800 thousand volts high voltage DC transmission project 10 is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, harsh natural conditions, complex geological environment in the region are ethnic minorities live, coordination is very difficult. Tang Shifei led the staff strict discipline of the masses, to overcome the cave complex geological difficulties, adhering to the "Qian Tiejun sent" the spirit of fighting in the mountains. The transmission line of business skilled work so far, Tang Shifei has participated in the company’s "safety technology plan and construction safety measures for business guide", "Guizhou construction company emergency management measures," guide "business outsourcing construction team safety management business guide", "fire and explosion safety management business guide" and "the line frame scaffolding, safety management business guide" preparation. At the same time, he is mainly involved in the "an elliptical ring ground lead off", "to replace the transmission line tension single insulator相关的主题文章: