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Technology heavyweights diet: Ma Yun, Wang Jianlin, the big gap between science and technology circle bigwigs in front of fame, so in Taiwan after the daily diet if they also very ostentatious? We try to understand by a group of pictures. The figure for September 2014, Ali in the United States after second days, Ma eat breakfast in the United States at the scene. Nine dishes and one soup, and Ma Yun’s identity is a. However, because the company may also with the city, the mood is happy Ma eat a la carte. Dinner – as Zhou Hongyi and Lei, looks like a buffet, for two people and ordinary people about a cup of juice, several pieces of bread and a little fruit and vegetables. The figure for the giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu’s breakfast, with meat and vegetables, not a luxury, but very nutritious. The figure is Chinese Wang Jianlin’s dinner, Wang Jianlin has maintained in the army’s habit, has a healthy lifestyle. The figure for the Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong carrying tea sister father-in-law Zhang Zetian please eat, wine and meat, some people eat the meal must be very happy.

科技大佬日常饮食:马云、王健林差距大  科技圈的大佬们在台前风光无限,那么在台后的日常饮食中他们是否也很讲排场呢?我们通过一组图片来了解一下。  ▲图为2014年9月,阿里在美国上市后第二天,马云在美国吃早餐时的情景。九菜一汤,和马云的身份还是比较搭的。不过,也与可能因为公司上了市,心情高兴的马云就多吃了点菜。  ▲图为周鸿祎和雷军一起吃饭,看起来像是自助餐,两人吃的和普通人差不多,一杯果汁,几片面包、少许水果蔬菜。  ▲图为巨人网络董事长史玉柱的早餐,荤素结合,并不算奢侈,但很有营养。  ▲图为现任中国首富王健林用餐,王健林至今还保持着在军队的习惯,生活方式很健康。  ▲图为京东创始人刘强东携“奶茶妹妹”章泽天请岳父岳母吃饭,有酒有肉,这顿饭几个人吃的想必很开心。相关的主题文章: