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The "anti black action group" exposure stills Jean Reynolds God police gun fight – Sohu "anti Black Entertainment action group" Jean Reno shootouts "anti black" action group Jean Reynolds his firm [Click to view more HD map] Sohu entertainment news by Benjamin Loetscher director, Jean Reynolds, Katerina Moreno Alban, starring crime – Lenoir action movie "anti black" action group today released a group of "God police raid" theme. Starring Jean Reynolds following the "The Professional" again after the gun fight, but God turned killer upright police, guy back, face brightened a bit cold, sharp eyes seemed to see everything, grim look suggests that Jean Reynolds met the same problem very difficult. The fate of the black group – a mystery in the film tells the story of a plight of seemingly ordinary robbery, Serge Buren (Jean Reynolds ornaments) led the black group quickly locked and arrested the murderer, but in the end because of lack of evidence was forced to release the suspect. Who is the boss in the plan, ordered the isolation of the black group, has been tracking criminals for anti black group also suffered heavy casualties. But under Serge alone, he must not only face more pressure from superiors, but also to each other to deal with cunning cruel robbers in the woods in a hail of bullets he tried to maintain "good" the faith of justice, vowed to arrest the suspect. The release is not difficult to see the film stills full of intense nervous atmosphere. Jean Reynolds Shenxianshizu, fully shows that the tough gun prepared to meet the challenge, unique and fearless lofty; his brow look calm but with a faint sense of anxiety, apparently has been known for tough image – Reynolds the enemy can not so easily solved. Jean Reynolds tough cool magic eye for a long time after shooting back tough Jean Renault once again return, will undoubtedly make fans very excited. This time, let the Renault breakthrough in the "The Professional" in the killer’s image, as a group of anti black upright God police, and the perpetrators of wits become the film’s biggest surprise. Starring Jean Reno with a gun as partners, and in criminal action, the critical situation triggered at any moment of shooting action scenes, cool magic eye, heart on the pleasure of moreish. Jean Reynolds many life on the line, face the ruthless bullet, an enemy, melee scenes everywhere, the tough guy spirit is not lost when. The film focuses on showing cornered rebel realistic scenes of violence, both realism action scenes and details, scenes of the regulation, a fully and delightfully effect is very shocking, once again brings the excitement of criminal action adventure, and the tense degree for the upgrade. A series of action scenes in the dramatic conflict against the backdrop of increasingly exciting. Criminal action movie "anti black action group", directed by Benjamin Loetscher, Jean Reynolds, Katerina Moreno, Alban Lenoir – starring, China mainland identified the introduction.相关的主题文章: