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On the market the best GPS professional sports watch here are the Tencent digital news (compiled: Bear) marathon runners, sprinters and triathlon athletes, have a common characteristic: it is need a sturdy GPS sports watch durable, to help you enhance the speed and endurance. And want to find a piece of excellent endurance, while you can deal with more than 160 kilometers of the GPS positioning requirements, but also the rich features of the sports watch, is not an easy thing. Yes, after screening, we help you find the best GPS sports watches on the market. [Suunto Kailash] Sunto Coldplay very top outdoor watches Sunto Traverse· GPS use time: 100 hours; · price: $469 (about 3115 yuan) Sunto Traverse sports watch designed for outdoor building, not only has three body strong, support waterproof 100 meters at the same time, support GPS and GLONASS technology, can be more precise positioning map and navigation guidance. In addition, the sport watch as well as the bicycle model, as well as sports statistics, and even flashlight mode. The endurance performance is one of the impressive features, it can be used in navigation mode for 100 hours, while the standard time mode can be used for 14 days. Derek Fenix 3· GPS use time: 16 hours; · price: $499.99 (about 3320 yuan) Derek Fenix 3 is a professional running watch, although the volume is not small, but in addition to the running and cycling are keen to GPS tracking function, Derek Fenix 3 for other sports and exercises provides special mode, including ski. The product offers a comprehensive notification feature as well as its own app store, allowing users to simultaneously love sports and technology without the need to prepare two smart watches. Fenix 3 has a 50 hour UltraTrac time, GPS mode can be used for up to 16 hours, while the duration of the life of the model for up to 3 months. For those who are keen on running the game, this is a specially designed for their watches. A variety of small problems can easily be excellent user interface, lasting time and a variety of convenient software to cover up. Ambit3 Peak Sapphire· GPS Sunto; use time: 30 hours; · price: $549 (about 3645 yuan) the Sunto Ambit 3 GPS, heart rate monitoring and motion tracking function. Its function is strong, can configure high. Moreover, unlike the vast majority of products on the market, it can also continue to track the heart rate in the water. Ambit 3 can track GPS, heart rate and daily movement, track heart rate during swimming, and support a variety of sports and navigation functions. Users can be set in advance e相关的主题文章: