The Buddha’s brother NANDA Buddha monk to cling to wife of artifice

The Buddha’s brother NANDA Buddha monk to cling to wife of lust to wife artifice monk, the degree of Foshi artifice. (source: Phoenix Buddha Buddhism) have a brother called NANDA, he married Sakya most beautiful woman sun Tuo Li for his wife, love, not a monk. Once, the Buddha with Ananda came to NANDA door. Nanda although infatuated with wife, but that the Buddha came to worship Buddha, or open the door, made a bowl full of food. The Buddha and Ananda did not accept the offering, leaving empty handed. Nanda rushed to follow to Nigeria Lutuo citrate Lin Temple, dine together with them. In the meantime, questioning whether the Buddha Tuo monk. Hard to dare not refuse to respect, and promised to come down. After it, NANDA thought his monk is out of the Buddha’s respect, the evening can leave. That night to sneak back to NANDA, the Buddha showed a cliff so that it can not be crossed, so only sleeping overnight. The second day, the Buddha told Ananda NANDA do real abode arrangement officer. NANDA and thought, he can go home to clean the house. But he has just finished cleaning, then returned to normal hospital. Finally, he managed to walk home from the path. After the discovery of the hard, hidden in a cluster of dense leaves. The Buddha said: "NANDA leaves away, or go back with me!" Nanda had to follow the Buddha to return to temple, live down. A monk after NANDA, to his wife by Miss, even put her like carved in stone appreciation. The Buddha saw him in love, unable to extricate themselves, then say to him: "NANDA, you really think the sun Tuo Li compates?" And a mother monkey pointing to the garden of ask: "is it looks just like it?" Nanda dumbfounding: "Buddha, don’t joke! Sun Tuo Li pretty, compared to how and this ugly beast!" With respect, he smiled and said, "come with me!" Immediately came to Trayastrimsa, saw the auspicious clouds filled, Tianle sound, some day falls to pieces, some dance some music, a charming and exquisite willowy figure. Nanda Buddha: "dizzying! I am dreaming? The smooth and fair beauty, I have never seen in the world." The Buddha said: "you ask those day!" Nanda humbled, hesitated for a long time, the courage to ask a woman: "what is this place?" Tiannu stop replied: "this is one of the Trayastrimsa." Ask again: "what people can do here right?" Answer: "the other house has the emperor, can we house empty the location!" "Why?" asked anxiously" Woman said: "I heard the world Kapilavastu a Buddha called NANDA’s brother, because he was a monk of merit, after death will do to the temple of the emperor of heaven, we will always be his concubine. The people here live a happy life, 36 million 500 thousand years of life, there are endless Rong Huafugui." Then another angel fly and said: "you and the world of ordinary people about what? He was filthy vulgar! Who brought him here?" A day away quickly, but there is still a difficult tuo. The statue asks: "how?" How to face these days head or Tuo Li?" "You can’t compare it with excitement.". Sun Tuo Li to compare with these day, that is.相关的主题文章: