The car hit the road against large passenger flying around two vehicles were injured (video) unfccc

The car hit the road against large passenger flying around two car injured running cars swerving, across two lanes on the road, the bus hit down the middle, a huge impact makes the car jump up in the air, in a circle in the air…… Recently, a very influential car accident video caused widespread concern, especially the sudden change in the car caused a variety of speculation. Reporters learned that the accident occurred at 16:50 on October 22nd, Lushun road flint Ridge Road, two car accident on the wounded. The first scene: Dalian & #8212; & #8212; anti road into the luxury car Lianzhuang three car driver killed large passenger front wheel hit middle day around 4:25 in the afternoon, Ms. Zhou take a bus from the Port Arthur to Dalian, more than and 20 minutes later, the bus traveling to shuishiying road. At that time, Ms. Zhou was chatting with friends, "suddenly ‘Bang’ bang, then felt the car was heavily hit, the whole car ‘flicker’, and then began to tilt to the left, as if to turn in the past." "When we were scared Mongolia, some passengers began to scream, but fortunately the driver timely control the car, slowly stopped." Ms. Zhou got off the bus for the first time and found that the bus was hit by a Volvo car. The scene photo reporter from Ms. Zhou saw a bus cable on the road, the left front tire has been knocked into the car at the centre of the vehicle has been tilted to the left…… From the bus a few meters away from the side of the road stopped a Volvo car, the car is damaged more seriously, the front completely knocked scrapped, organ cover such as a piece of paper was completely off…… Ms. Zhou said, when she saw two men on a Volvo sedan, "there is a man on the copilot, lying motionless in the car, we went around to the front side, suddenly from the roof came a head, Manlianshixue, startled us." Ms. Zhou said that the man wanted to come out from the car and found no return to the car. A total of two car injured Zhou said, there are many passengers on the bus at the time, a violent collision, violent shaking makes the car a lot of people were hurt, "but usually don’t seriously hurt, some neck flash, some knock on the head, I saw a man’s ear." Ms. Zhou said, her knee was injured. After the accident, the relevant departments to organize the injured to the hospital to check, I am anxious to go back to Dalian, did not go to the hospital with them, but his car back to Dalian." The day after receiving the alarm, navy camp fire squadron rushed to the scene, "the two middle-aged man in the car at the time, the co pilot on the right leg is broken, stuck out, there is a man, face hurt." Squadron captain Zhang said they were rescued two trapped people, and then handed over to the first aid of 120. The accident occurred when the bus left rear driving recorder on the process of shot down, there will be days before the video sent to the internet. Reporters saw at the bus along the direction of travel of Dalian Lushun road outside, and outside the direction of Lushun a car suddenly turned to, through the two straight road in the bus rushed over, two cars followed fierce collision. After a burst of smoke, the giant.相关的主题文章: