The challenge of science fiction and film Tencent zhangxiaobei create Top Star dingxiangwuyuetian

The challenge of science fiction and film Tencent zhangxiaobei create "Top Star" Tencent entertainment news September 17th, the theme of "new exploration · total growth of the Tencent ‘annual conference held in Beijing, at the press conference, a science fiction movie" Top Star "received much attention: This is not only because of the famous science fiction critic, playwright Zhang Xiaobei the first film debut, is pure science fiction masterpiece China exploration pioneer. Zhangxiaobei, renowned film critic, screenwriter, who is the most famous film CCTV program "Tenth" screening room core member of the director, participated in the "Li adventures" (animated version of the live version of "man"), such as the writer of the film, Liu Cixin’s "lightning" was also written by ball he. In addition to the director, zhangxiaobei or "tuoxing" writers. "Star" is the original extension of Tencent animation comic original science fiction adventure theme, the movie by Tencent and film zhangxiaobei ten put culture jointly toupai. The film is set in the future of the world, humans began to come out of the earth, the search of the new world in the stars of the alien colonists, known as the "Top Star", based on this, showing a "alien immigrants, wasteland world, the worst is not the environment, is the" movie style. Zhang Xiaobei Chen Hongwei, vice president of Tencent and Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu said in a conference speech: "although we have just started, but we hope that from the beginning, we pay attention to explore new themes and new style, such as" Top Star "try like this area apart from the Hollywood science fiction film style." Zhangxiaobei also said: "very much looking forward to the Tencent and Tencent pictures pictures in hand, strong resources, I believe that can help" tuoxing "let more young people concerned." It is reported that the "Top Star" is expected this year. The movie "star 2016" extension of the conference theme of "new film Tencent to explore · total growth". The press conference, the pan entertainment in the thought of taking IP as the core under the guidance of the focus on "young", "unique", "high quality" and "connect" four major labels, film Tencent bursts of 21 film projects, and announced the exploration of artists brokerage business. Personnel training, Tencent pictures will be through the "NEXT IDEA" program to support young film talent, also announced the signing of Niu Chengze and other backbone established strategic cooperation satellite studio. The conference lasted two hours, showcasing the progress and thinking of this film was founded the Tencent for a year. Vice president of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference invited the world famous film Tencent co writer David S. Goyer, director Lu Chuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Yang Shupeng, Ma Boyong, Chise Takashishige, writer producer Maki, actor Chen Shu, Damian Lau and other 40 members from the video segments of the cooperation on behalf of the stage, to complete the project.相关的主题文章: