The dollar fell to three months and gold hit a three month high-melia kreiling

U.S. dollar fell to three months minimum, gold hit a three month high, the dollar and oil prices fell again, and investors waited for the upcoming January non farm payrolls report nervousness, so that U.S. stocks rose early narrowed. On Thursday, the S & P 500 index closed up 0.15%, the Dow rose 0.49%, the NASDAQ closed up 0.12%. The FTSE ftseurofirst 300 index fell 0.15%. U.S. stocks Dikaigaozou, until after midday or narrowed. At the end of the session, the S & P 500 index closed up 2.92 points, or 0.15%, at 1915.45 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 79.92 points, or 0.49%, at 16416.58. Nasdaq composite index closed up 5.32 points, or 0.12%, to 4509.56 points. The Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOE) volatility index (VIX), which has panic index, rose by 0.88%, to 21.84, still higher than the long-term average of 20. On Thursday, the dollar weakened again, down about 0.7%, to its lowest level since October. On the previous day, the dollar index slumped 2%, the biggest one-day drop in seven years. U.S. ISM non manufacturing PMI data poor performance in January, as well as the Fed figure three Dudley (William Dudley) said that if the financial environment continues to tighten, will affect the Fed’s decision to push the day the U.S. dollar plummeted. Standard Bank (Standard Bank) G10 strategy director Steve Barrow stressed that the euro and the yen were returned to the European central bank suggests that further easing, the Bank of Japan announced before the introduction of negative interest rates. Barrow said, "this clearly shows that the central bank really cares about the market is the federal reserve. If the Fed is considering delaying interest rates or reversing the already rising interest rates, the dollar will go down, regardless of the monetary policy of other central banks." He added, "the biggest problem for the market is that the moderate weakening of the dollar and the Fed’s interest rate hike will encourage investors to believe that asset price weakness is only a flare up at the beginning of this year and will not happen again this year." International oil prices rose nearly 10% after the previous trading day, then began to fall on Thursday, and the market still worried about the oversupply of crude oil. WTI crude oil futures fell $0.56 in March, or 1.7%, at $31.72 a barrel. April Brent crude oil futures fell $0.58, or 1.7%, to $34.46 a barrel. Asian markets, A shares opened higher to go, until after midday rose narrowed, the Shanghai Composite Index eventually closed at 2781.02 points, up 1.52%, Shenzhen stock index and the gem rose 1.6% and 1.73% respectively. The day before the opening benefit from Disney released information, the tourism sector rose 2.65%. Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index closed up 1% to 19183.09 points. However, the Nikkei 225 index fell 0.85%, at 17044.99 points. European markets are mixed. Rich time Pan European theory

美元降至三个月最低 黄金创三个月新高   美元和油价再度下挫,以及投资者等待周五即将发布的1月非农报告的紧张情绪,令美股早盘涨幅收窄。周四,标普500指数收涨0.15%,道指收涨0.49%,纳指收涨0.12%。富时泛欧绩优300指数收跌0.15%。   美股低开高走,至午盘后涨幅有所收窄。截至收盘,标普500指数收涨2.92点,涨幅0.15%,报1915.45点。道琼斯工业平均指数收涨79.92点,涨幅0.49%,报16416.58点。纳斯达克综合指数收涨5.32点,涨幅0.12%,报4509.56点。   有恐慌指数之称的芝加哥期权交易所(CBOE)波动性指数(VIX) 上升0.88%,报21.84,仍然高于20的长期平均水平。   周四,美元再度走软,下挫约0.7%,至10月以来最低。前一个交易日,美元指数盘中暴跌2%,创下七年来最大单日跌幅。美国1月ISM非制造业PMI数据表现不佳,以及美联储三号人物杜德利(William Dudley)称若金融环境持续收紧,将影响美联储决策,均推动当日美元暴跌。   标准银行(Standard Bank)G10策略主管Steve Barrow强调,欧元和日元分别重新回到欧央行暗示进一步宽松政策以及日本央行宣布引入负利率之前的水平。   Barrow表示,“这清楚地表明,市场真正关心的央行只有美联储。如果美联储正在考虑延迟加息,或扭转已经发生的加息,美元将会走低,无论其他央行的货币政策如何。”   他补充道,“对于市场而言最大问题是,美元适度走软以及美联储拖延加息,是否能激励投资者相信,今年初资产价格的疲软只是火光一现,今年不会再度重复发生。”   国际油价继前一个交易日盘后大涨近10%之后,周四开始回落,市场仍存对于原油供应过剩的担忧。WTI 3月原油期货下跌0.56美元,跌幅1.7%,报每桶31.72美元。布伦特4月原油期货收跌0.58美元,跌幅1.7%,报每桶34.46美元。   亚洲市场方面,A股高开高走,至午盘后涨幅一度收窄,上证综指最终收报2781.02点,上涨1.52%,深证成指和创业板分别收涨1.6%和1.73%。受益于前日迪士尼发布开园信息,旅游板块上涨2.65%。香港恒生指数收盘涨1.0%,至19183.09点。不过,日经225指数则收跌0.85%,报17044.99点。   欧洲市场则喜忧参半。富时泛欧绩优300指数收跌0.15%,报1293.68点。德国DAX 30指数收跌0.44%,报9393.36点。不过,英法股市双双上涨,英国富时100指数收涨1.06%,领涨欧洲市场。   股市的避险情绪以及利率保持低位的前景,推动美国国债价格走高。10年期美债收益率下跌2个基点,至1.86%。两年期美债收益率下跌1个基点,至0.71%。   在美元连续走弱的刺激下,大宗金属继续全面上涨,伦敦交易期铜收涨1.1%,报每吨4687美元,延续前一个交易日1.9%的涨势。伦敦交易期锌亦收涨1.1%,报每吨1715美元,盘中一度触及每吨1728美元的2015年10月29日以来新高。黄金价格收涨16.20美元,涨幅1.4%,报每盎司1157.50美元,创2015年10月28日以来最高收盘位。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: