The finals finale will peak! Small German Murray for the end of the year (video)-ca1834

The finals finale will peak! Djokovic Murray for 218 minutes to dispatch the first year-end Murray staged a comeback for Djokovic swept into the finals in November 20th 2016 Tencent nishikori sports season ATP finals today will be the last match day. The final of the men’s singles and doubles finals will be today, defending champion Djokovic will play against top seed Murray, the final outcome is related to the end of the year the first attribution, called a sense of the absolute "clash" — the central stadium: First: Rahm Pearce Conti VS card Larson Ning (Beijing time 23:30) second Murray VS Djokovic (not earlier than 02 am Beijing time) Djokovic is the finals of the defending champion, he in the first half of this year the state is very good, won the Australian Open, Wells Indian and Miami contest, again at the French Open match against Murray completed the Grand Slam occupation career "". But after the French state line Djokovic fall, Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics early exit, then continuously from the Cincinnati race and the net, at the Shanghai masters and Paris masters has poor performance in the final week of the regular season ranked first in the world lost. Play the finals group phase Djokovic group phase is stable, continuous defeated Austria star Tim, Canada’s Rao Niki and substitute participating Belgian player Gefen, to the identity of the first group qualify for the semi-finals, semi-finals he only conceded two conditions across the Japanese star Kei nishikori. Murray in the first half of this year the state in general, old rival Djokovic was firmly suppressed, but from the start of Wimbledon Murray began the outbreak, won Wimbledon, the Rio Olympic Games, China open, Shanghai masters, Vienna tournament and the Paris Masters champion, world ranking beyond Djokovic, became the first boarded the throne of the world of the British ATP players in the finals, he will be the top seed appearances, he defeated the group phase in consecutive Croatia star Cilic, Japanese star Kei nishikori and Swiss star Valinka, with a score of three wins battle all lock top team semi-finals, semi-finals in his resolve match situation reversed defeated the Canadian champion Rao Niki. The two players had as many as 34 confrontation records, Germany 24 wins and 10 losses were dominant, last met in this year’s French Open Men’s singles final, was a small German in four to 3 than 1 win disc. In BET365 given the game to win odds, Djokovic is more optimistic about the party, he lost 1.44 to 1 ahead of Murray’s 1 lost 2.75, with two players in the current world ranking and recent state, Djokovic can get so obvious that he support at the prospects of the game is quite good. There are a lot of important significance of the game, such as Murray will strive to their occupation career first ATP finals of the title, of course, the most important point is that the final this year is ATP first at the end of the ownership of the two players at the instant the difference is in fact only 130 points, which means that the winner in this game, who will take years)相关的主题文章: