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The firing two gun case caused 5 dead 8 injured Washington police said the suspects were arrested – Sohu news, are looking for 3 suspects escaped on foot. Figure IC local 23 and the evening of the eastern part of the United States, Washington, DC, and the northeastern United States, Maryland, the shooting occurred in succession in the case of a total of two cases. The former case caused 5 deaths, the suspect times sunset network; after a case caused at least 8 people were injured, the murderer fled 3. Washington suspect unmotivated local time on the evening of 23 7 pm, Seattle City, Washington, 100 kilometers north of the town of Burlington cascade mall burst shooting. When the police arrived, the murderer had fled. There are 4 women, 5 of the dead were killed in the Shalai? Lara only 16 years old, was suffering from cancer, after treatment of rehabilitation, who has died of gun violence. 24, the police arrested the suspect arcan in Burlington, about 50 kilometers southwest of Oak Harbor Cetin?. Burlington, the Skagit County interagency emergency response team on the evening of 24, the investigators received a lot of the public to provide clues, one point to cetin. Investigators and Cetin family and insiders talk, initially determined he was involved; transfer to see surveillance video shopping center around a number of businesses, a delineation of the vehicle involved and have found the association and further confirmed that he is Cetin, shooting suspect. The police said, Cetin aged 20, living in Oak Harbor, was born in Turkey and emigrated to the United States, is a lawful permanent resident. The police found the streets in Oak Harbor and stopped cetin. He is walking at that time, did not carry weapons, no arrest or trying to escape. A police spokesman Mike? Hawley said: "he (look) like zombies not to utter a single word." The local police chief Chris cammock? Said at a news conference, the killer shot motive is unknown, the police are investigating. Federal Bureau of investigation officials in Seattle say there is no evidence at this stage that the gun case is linked to terrorism. The FBI says there is no evidence of a terrorist attack, and there is no evidence to rule out the possibility of a terrorist attack. However, after the incident investigation, arrest and release of information by the local authorities and the implementation of all the lead, indicating that the U.S. federal government tends to infer the incident as a security incident. Although the suspects were arrested, but many questions still waiting for the answer, including the motive and the guns are hidden in the shopping center. The police said, Cetin into the shopping center did not carry weapons, but the store surveillance video shows, 10 minutes later, he appeared in the cosmetics department store shopping area Neimeixi, hands waving a rifle. The Skagit County interagency emergency response team said that Cetin is scheduled for the first 26 days the court accepted preliminary charges shooting murder, but according to the investigation of the incident will continue for at least a few weeks. According to a local television station that once in the Cetin’s former girlfriend Messi department, leaving a few months ago. In February this year, Cetin shared first person shooter game "call of duty" in a combat fragment in social networking sites. Baltimore Department of firearms相关的主题文章: