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The first national literary biography: for peak write biographies – Culture – original title: write the biography of the peak (by the Writers Publishing China cultural Roundtable) sponsored by the society of literature group, China report, "hosted the first national newspaper writers digest" biographical literature recently held in beijing. Nearly 60 biographies, writers, critics and experts from all over the country attended the meeting. Meeting the definition, Chinese biography in academic art level and theoretical research carried out in-depth discussion and actively communicate, call the writer diligently to create writing Chinese spirit, has China style peak of biographical literature. The newspaper editor, published three papers, the selection of experts to speak, to facilitate the readers to understand the history and status quo of China’s creation of biographical literature. The editor — era biography for He Jianming in the China people’s biography of the mighty tide of literature, literary biography is one of the highlights. On the one hand, China biography literature in literature originated earlier, Sima Qian’s "historical records" is the peak of China source of biographical literature, even today, the "historical records" still bring us endless inspiration; on the other hand, as people’s living standards and improve the cultural quality, biographical literature plays an increasingly important role in the contemporary literary life. Now, even ordinary people to write a biography, do not underestimate these personal biographies, it has very important significance because the literature is not only the milepost, writers, literature or the whole society, the biographical literature is all to record their experiences of people to use a kind of style, and will be left to the history the descendants of rich cultural information. Today, we have the responsibility to study the literary style and the creation of biographical literature, to promote the rapid development of Contemporary Biographical literature. So people have defined biography: biography is the use of a variety of literary art in fiction than the representation of the character’s life and deeds, showing the spirits of the characters, depict individual life with vivid image of the literary genre. However, this definition is worthy of study. Because today we biography literature, biography is not only for people, but also is facing an era, a country, a city, a country, or even a business writing. Chinese biographical literature is now in a period of great development and prosperity, but it also faces enormous challenges and pressures. The founding of the Communist Party of China for nearly one hundred years, one hundred years have countless heroes and touching story, this is our contemporary literary biography most vivid and rich material and source, we created a great biography of soil and foundation works. In addition to write history, in the history of reform and opening up, China had just gone through forty years, forty years in the field of economic, sports, science, culture and educational circles have emerged many outstanding figures, even ordinary people, in them there are many flash things, all worth to write biography. As the era of National Biography, biography, biography for the people, is a biographical literature writer particularly important historical mission. It is the same for any cause to be inherited. I often contact with literature and out)相关的主题文章: