The first step in Ai Fukuhara’s European life is to learn German fried chicken-queer as folk

Ai Fukuhara live in Europe the first step is to learn German chicken show kitchen sina sports news wedding Ai Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara cooking now with Jiang Hongjie came to Europe, began a new life as a wife after. Concern about the "love sauce" European life? At the wedding, Ai Fukuhara has said that in the future will be in Europe, China, Japan and other places of life, which is part of a professional athlete. After Ai Fukuhara came to Europe, for a new Red Wallet, there are love, also have time to see the favorite works of Keigo Higashino, Ai Fukuhara is a huge fan of Keigo Higashino’s works, basically have read, this is the writer of her childhood love. The newly married couple began to live in Europe now Ai Fukuhara is a priority for Germany, but she can not understand, so we must start learning. As a wife, but also must buy food to cook, Ai Fukuhara also went to the vegetable market to see a lot of vegetables they have never met, after seeing the big pumpkin, she also ridicule the pumpkin in the end what to eat long so big, you told me I have to eat, I also want to grow taller." For their height, Ai Fukuhara also did not forget to laugh at themselves. After buying food is cooking, Ai Fukuhara starts from the fried chicken, not frozen kind ah, Ai Fukuhara is wrapped up in the pan fried egg, the housewife role is in place. (new body)相关的主题文章: