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The five major European League return to usher in good season football friends – Sohu     in August this year, the Rio Olympic Games 134 football and basketball tournament has enriched the SMG schedule, the five major league to gradually return back to the right track quiz". Olympic Games, the five major league also brings a lot of prizes for friends. The upcoming September, the World Cup qualifying tournament will be the 12 Asian Games, the Chinese team in the next year will play the game in the next year, the first round of the game will be on the road in September 1st to challenge the South Korean team in. China friends ate the European Cup and the Olympic Games "feast", in addition to return to the five major league "dinner", will usher in the 12 race of the men’s China snacks". In September, friends will usher in the quiz good season, it is worth looking forward to more awards. SMG by the tournament is gradually enriched in the five major league tournament after the start of the tournament, the color of the tournament by the injection of increasingly rich, only the last weekend of the two day time, SMG by the injection of events on up to nearly 200 games. In the three week of the sales cycle of the Olympic Games in Rio, quiz game sales of nearly 4 billion 200 million yuan, of which SMG sales more than 3 billion 900 million yuan. During the European Cup, the quiz game sold more than 10 billion 800 million yuan, of which SMG sales amounted to 10 billion 500 million yuan. Only these two games SMG game, to bring more than 10 billion yuan lottery friends bonus. After a long wait, the five major European League has full return to guess the schedule. In August 13th, the French premier league and the first war; in August 20th, La Liga, Serie A after August 27th, return to the Bundesliga. September years ago, the five major leagues have been gathered in smg. With the return of the five major leagues, the color of the tournament and the quality of the race to reach a high point. For the vast number of friends, the choice of high-quality competition greatly increased, the degree of success of the game is also greatly improved. In addition, the World Cup qualifying tournament in the 12 Asian Games to bring the friends of the color plus meal". Since 2002 into the World Cup finals, China soccer team has three consecutive stop in the Asian qualifying group phase, this is the first time in three after attending the 12 Finals again (2002 is the 10 race). It is reported that Chinese’s away game will all charter flights to qualify, such as, the total prize money will be not less than 150 million yuan, such a strong logistics support, which is the first time in history. Chinese soccer events are often inspire fans and friends of the "fighting spirit". In 2015, the Asian Cup, for example, SMG week sales of more than 2 billion 200 million yuan, a lot of betting on the Chinese team won the color of the friends of the award, the patriotic ball to buy a happy, comfortable. The 12 round of the first round of the competition, the Chinese team will be on September 1st away from the South Korean team, the second round in September 6th, the Chinese team at home against Iran. Chinese’s opponent than a strong, competition will become more intense, provide more choices for the favorite team China color friend. Color friends frequently hit the color of the game during the hundreds of thousands of dollars during the Olympic Games, a number of friends through the lottery betting score or single solid, harvest hundreds of thousands of dollars prize. Beijing 49195 sporttery friends through quiz Rio Olympic Games football tournament, get 370 thousand yuan and 630 thousand yuan prize. 8)相关的主题文章: